In recent decades, there has been a major shift in the marketing industry. Virtually every law firm has focused their marketing efforts on the digital sphere. Those who do not optimize their website will quickly be left behind. There are also a few common mistakes that firms have and continue to make when developing their sites.

Why Your Site Matters

People tend to make assumptions before business meetings based on appearances. If you were to show up with a black eye, the other party would think that you were unprofessional. A poorly designed website is sort of like having a black eye. As you are developing your site, consider these common mistakes.

Lack of Clarity

Your law firm should be stamped on the banner of every page. People should be able to clearly discern that you are a lawyer and what branch of law you specialize in. There should also be a clear route to the contact page.

Lack of Content

Search engines reward websites that update on a regular basis, while static sites are typically left behind. As a law firm, there is a lot of useful information that you could put out there. Write about what to do when someone is pulled over, when to call a lawyer, and other popular topics that are likely to be queried in search engines.

Your benefits will go beyond simply search engine rewards. First, it will establish your credibility with your audience and develop a relationship with them. They will come to your website for legal information. But when they or their friends need a lawyer, they will have you in mind.


If users have trouble browsing through your website, they are not likely to exercise patience, especially since they can find similar information elsewhere on the internet. So a poorly functioning website is likely to draw consumers to your competitors.

Too Many Advertisements

While advertisements are an important resource, they need to be subtle. Many consumers will feel spammed if there are flashy popups across the page.

Consult With The Professionals

If an individual said that she was going to represent herself in a felony conviction, you would urge her not to. The law is too complicated. Similarly, we urge you not to take a do-it-yourself approach to digital marketing. Contact Market My Market today and allow us to provide you with exclusive insight on legal marketing.