Organic traffic is essential to bringing awareness to your brand, website, and product. Not only does traffic expose your services to new potential clients, but it also helps raise your rank in search engines. If more visitors are looking to your site to read about a topic, then your connection to those keywords becomes stronger. Think of it as a level up every time your traffic increases. More often than not, traffic decreases and your site receives fewer visitors. You might think that it’s something you did, but that’s just how the internet works. Is there a way to get around the inevitability of slow traffic and create content that continuously brings visitors?

Determine the Right Topic

Content that drives traffic long after it’s written is called evergreen content. The first step to creating this type of material is finding the right topic. Topics for evergreen content should meet this criteria:

  • Address a prevalent issue for your target audience
  • Answer questions that you regularly have to answer for prospective customers or clients
  • Portrays your expertise on the subject
  • Be an “all inclusive” guide to a topic that affects your target audience

After using these considerations for coming up with a topic, it’s time think of what type of content to create!


Social media users share listicles more often than any other type of article. Listicles (lists + articles) provide your audience with vital information that’s skimmable. Readers know exactly where to look to find what they’re looking for in your article making it more enticing to read. Lists are also simple to put together. For lists, focus on things like:

  • Tips and tricks
  • Strategies
  • Tools
  • Top number or top ways

Lists have endless possibilities and can always be relevant depending on the topic you select.


Most of us have read a how-to article at some point. If you have a question, there’s probably a how-to article on the internet created to answer that question. How-to articles are like customized instruction manuals. Internet users also frequently share these articles because they provide helpful information. How-tos establish your credibility as you help your targeted audience solve a specific problem. When creating how-tos, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your most frequently-asked questions from a customer’s perspective?
  • What keywords are your audience searching for?

The answers to these questions will give you an excellent basis for your next article. Keep how-tos simple and easy to follow by outlining them as checklists or converting them into a step-by-step guide.

Although there isn’t a surefire way to create evergreen content, there are guidelines and criteria you can follow to bring your content closer to driving traffic long after it’s written. Content marketing isn’t a simple puzzle to solve. If you need help finding the missing piece to your marketing puzzle, contact Market My Market! We have an excellent content marketing team who understands the ins and outs of evergreen content. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us today!