Videos are an excellent way to raise awareness about your brand and reach a wider audience. Recording and producing high-quality videos is the first significant step in creating videos your audience wants to share. Shareable videos include quite a few factors that many business owners and marketers aren’t utilizing. You’re not going to encourage sharing by filming your videos on expensive cameras or hiring an entire film crew alone. Here are some tips for creating videos your audience won’t be able to keep to themselves.

Have a Customer’s Mindset

Videos should influence people’s thinking or provide information. A video that addresses the issues your target audience may be experiencing is likely to be passed onto a wider audience. Customers who are looking for the best service or product want facts that compare with other options in the market. In hindsight, customers who are just browsing with no real end goal are likely to be satisfied with a purely entertaining video without facts or comparisons. These customers are generally not ready to make a purchasing decision just yet. Mistakes I’ve noticed in multiple marketing videos are:

  • An abundance of irrelevant information
  • Funny videos with no substance
  • Dull videos when the brand would be better suited to a more light-hearted approach

Have a Clear Goal in Mind

Shareable videos usually have a singular goal in mind. These goals can be narrowed down to three categories: interesting, useful, or entertaining. Each concept may be a little hard to grasp at first, but here’s a short guide on how to achieve each type of video.


Interesting videos tell a story. The question you want to answer is “What makes this different?” By using that question as a groundwork for your video, you’ll be simultaneously creating a thought-provoking video while staying relevant to your topic. With this type of video, credibility is gained in how you present the information. Try to use methods that can only be accomplished in video media such as your tone of voice or body language.


Useful videos follow a “how to” mindset. These videos are short, sharp and succinct. Unlike videos that follow the interesting structure, credibility is gained not only by how your present information, but also how well you can portray your knowledge to an audience. The SEO for this video should be structured in a way that allows people to find the answer to their question. Useful videos are perfect for providing education while also promoting your services.


Entertaining videos may be the hardest type to get right. These videos require a certain amount of creativity and analyzation. The question that should be answered when creating these videos should be “Would I watch this?” Answering that question ensures that you keep your video entertaining enough to keep viewers’ attention while including substance in the video’s content. These videos won’t focus on your product or service but instead, provide a general perspective of your industry while bringing comedy along with it. The main risk of entertaining videos is that things you and your team find funny may not be funny to your audience. Save your fantastic knock-knock joke for your personal friends and family.

As you can probably tell, shareable videos aren’t easily created. There are many intricacies and methods to consider. Even if your video accomplishes your goal, there’s no guarantee that your audience will be willing to share it. Although there are no guarantees, Market My Market understands how to format your content to be suitable for multiple audiences and platforms. We can use our expertise to help you engage your targeted audience. Enlist the help of Market My Market and let us show you why we are one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in Florida. Contact us at (800) 954-9441 to learn more about our services and receive a free service quote.