Growing up, Eric Bersano lived on a military base. He worked in the mess hall for one day and quickly realized that it wasn’t for him. “My friend was selling vacuums door-to-door and convinced me to join,” Eric said. He did that for a few summers and throughout college, driving throughout Nebraska and Kansas. In this job, he realized that sales was his calling. “The sales process was rewarding, and I got to interact with a lot of people.” 

More importantly, though, Eric learned a valuable lesson: to believe in the product you’re selling and the company for which you’re working. “Ever since then, I’ve always wanted to work for industry leaders and the highest quality companies.” 

Before joining Market My Market, Eric was working in sales for a medical device company. However, he was pitching products to surgeons who spent their careers operating on people and already knew which devices worked best. “I felt like I wasn’t adding any value and wanted something more. A friend of mind was doing legal marketing, which piqued my interest.” 

He joined FindLaw, and after a few years, a former colleague introduced him to Chase Williams and Ryan Klein. “When I spoke with them, I went into the conversation knowing what frustrations my clients have and what they expect out of a marketing agency,” Eric said. 

During his conversation with them, Eric said one thing that resonated with him was Chase and Ryan’s honesty. “I’ve worked for companies in the past that wouldn’t tell you what they were doing, which didn’t go over well once the client started asking what we were doing with all the money they paid each month,” he said. “That doesn’t sit well with me, either. If there’s an issue, I want to communicate that with the client and tell them how we’re going to solve it. And that’s what we do at Market My Market.” 

Now, as Market My Market’s Vice President of Business Development, Eric spends most of his days looking for new clients that would be a good fit for our business. However, it’s challenging, as Eric explains. “Many law firms have been burned by marketing agencies in the past. They may have tried two or three companies, but the thing is, you usually need about four to six months to prove yourself. You go through that process with three or four companies, it might be two to three years later.” 

Because of that, Eric carries the burden of proving why we’re different. One way he does that is to demonstrate the systems we have in place to ensure top-notch quality. “Market My Market goes through great lengths to ensure that every client has a positive experience and that nothing slips through the cracks,” he said. 

“We ‘over inform’ our clients, but in a good way. We want them to know the good and the bad. Doing that I think sets us apart from a lot of other companies. At the end of the day, we’re building a trusting relationship with our clients.”