When it comes to social media, Facebook is one of the most efficient sites out there for advertisers. According to reports, Facebook users are clicking on a lot more of the advertisements today than what they once did. Clickthrough rates have soared by 160 percent in just the first quarter alone. Year over year users are viewing about 40 percent more advertisements than previously.

increase-facebook-likesBecause of the soaring numbers, more advertisers are heading to Facebook. The social media platform is charging some hefty amounts for advertisements. In truth, the results of people clicking on ads is probably related to the market as a whole and nothing to do with Facebook.

As more companies and advertising agencies are integrating their system with the exchange on Facebook, the bidding will continue to rise and the CPM is going to continue going up as well. Advertisers need time to gather information about what type of buying strategies are working and which ones aren’t. Even though something might work for one client, it isn’t going to work for everyone.

Back in 2012, a number of advertisers were worried about how well Facebook was going to work in terms of an advertising platform. Some advertisers felt that their ads weren’t getting shown to the right individuals and that’s why their clickthrough rates were horrible.  Many worry about how much the ads on Facebook were costing rather than whether those ads were generating sales.

Amongst all of the different social media sites, Facebook generates an abundance of referrals to all of the retail sites. With a 2 percent increase from the referrals’ generated last year, the number of people who are turning to ads on Facebook continues to increase.

Advertisers continue to spend more on their Facebook ads than what they will for a sponsored tweet on Twitter. However, Twitter might be better aimed at targeting ads to the right individuals. The number of referrals on Twitter continues to rise. Based on reports, the numbers rose by 23 percent in the first quarter when compared to the results from last year.

Regardless of budget, you can rest assured that the number of people who are going to come to your website is going to increase when you place an advertisement on Facebook. With amazing turnover rates, your business is only going to continue to grow, just make sure you are paying attention to your bottom line.