Though it is true, you don’t always have to write your own content, as we’ve outlined in a previous blog, often times the best content will come from the owner unless the copywriter knows an exceptional amount about the industry or is just pretty darn good.  We’ve asked the hard questions in the beginning and let’s start with that again.

  • What do I write about? – Consider your business and its place within a season or a trend.  Are you offering any sort of specials?  Are there things that you only offer this time of the year, or do you offer something that is in higher demand because of the time of the year?  Be timely, be relevant; talk about how your business also relates to some things that are happening in the media as well.
  • How do I write about it? – Depending on your business and your clientele, you can be as serious or strict as you feel appropriate.  As far as your website capabilities, if you don’t have a blog or may have difficulty posting anything on your site if it is entirely HTML, perhaps consider making a blog on Blogger or WordPress, which has come a long way in making posting very easy for beginners.  You can link everything back to your website.
  • How do I know if someone is going to like it/find it interesting? – Ask friends, co-workers, and/or employees first.  This one may be trial and error.  If you’re posting blog after blog and don’t get a single comment, maybe check the analytics of your blog pages.  If the time on site is way down for these pages, maybe it is possible you are writing a couple snoozers after all.
  • Finding someone else to write your content? –  Maybe you have a co-worker or spouse that’s actually a whiz with words.  But what if they’re not?  Could be time to look online in the form of third parties and freelances.  This could be a little bit tough, and sometimes the guidance of someone in your field has dealt with this.  Feel free to ask friends in their industries if they’ve had luck with this.
  • Finding interesting ways to generate your own content – We’ve discussed this, and this can come in the form of transcription from voice recording or perhaps some videos you’ve done.  Maybe have a friend and yourself talk about some of the exciting things happening in your industry in a sort of radio show setting, and record the whole thing.  Once transcribed, you have literally thousands of words of content.  This will last you a while.

Hopefully this clears up some writer’s block.  Have fun with your site!  Remember, it is ultimately the most important representative of your business online.  Make it count.