I’ve been doing tons of legal marketing for over ten years now and out of most industries, legal marketing is straight up difficult.  There are many factors the contribute to this fact, so we’ll be going over in detail what truly makes this is a tough industry to stand out in unless you have the right resources and/or specific strategies for accomplishing your goals for a law firm.

Saturation of Market

There are a lot of lawyers….actually let me rephrase.  There are almost an overwhelming number of lawyers, especially as I’m writing this in south Florida.  Sure the majority of them work as associate attorneys for larger law firms, but many of the ambitious ones go off after a few years to begin their own ventures, seeking to grab a piece of that potential pie for their respective areas of law.  Entrepreneurial lawyers have the ability to go off and do their own thing because frankly, they often make enough money in the few years they work for another lawyer and enough connections to get the ball rolling.  Which brings me to the next point…

Extent of Budget

When you take an industry with a lot of businesses, add the fact that these businesses all historically generate high margins in their field, you are facing multiple competitors with a cash flow to spend on marketing.  And that equals intense overall competition.  When you think about it, law firms are one of the few businesses that can have 5 or less employees and still put together massive marketing campaigns to span television, billboards, bus wraps, mailers, park benches, and radio.  If that marketing budget is moved to something like SEO which is typically a fraction of the cost, you’re talking about some formidable opposition.  And that’s exactly what’s going on today.

Aggressiveness of the Competition

Lawyers are competitive – that was instilled during law school.  The same goes for how they approach their law firm, their presence in the community, and inevitably how they are positioned online.  Many will really go the extra mile with their budget and their time to “be number one” for the keywords they rank for.  In the legal industry, there is definitely a train of thought for potential customers that if a lawyer is positioned number one in Google for the keyword they typed in, then that lawyer is indeed the best for that area of law.  Many will fight to secure that spot based on those assumptions.

Rules and Regulations

The Bar for each state has litany of rules and regulations for advertising, for anything from the website to social media to print to television.  It is important to be aware of these rules (that are constantly being updated as online marketing evolves) because if someone from the state Bar doesn’t cite you for doing something wrong, one of your competitors certainly will notify them.

Differentiation of Legitimacy

The prevalence of scam artists and bait and switch tactics that occurs in legal  is on the same level as industries like insurance, payday loans, and weight loss.  Black hat often runs rampant as well, which can make or break the SEO for your business in the long run.

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