Have you ever been to a website and on the right-hand side it said something like “Download our guide to XYZ!  Just enter your name and email”.

That could be considered a freemium.  And that tactic works very well.  Now, in some situations these contact forms are for unscrupulous reasons like selling your data to marketing companies, but there is no reason to suggest you have to do that yourself.  That contact form can be used for your e-mailing list and that’s about it.  What else would you use it for?
If you had a prospect reach out to you via email and you are starting the sales process, attaching a freemium to an email is a great way to keep your business top of mind while providing excellent insight into how your business operates.  “Drip marketing” campaigns love using these tools as a way to constantly give prospects something useful while they are going through their decision process.

So, the freemium sounds good, and you want one now, right? Something great to give to visitors of your website so they take away something great that’ll always remind them of your website?  A great place to start with formulating one could be with your co-workers, friends, and family.  Think of a couple questions for them:

  • If you had a few questions about my business that you’ve been thinking of and don’t know, what would they be?
  • What aspects of my industry/business would you want to know more about yourself, even instruction on how to do it yourself?
  • What are some major misconceptions about my business in general?

With those questions alone, you’ll be able to create something valuable for anyone inquiring about more information on your business.

Also keep in mind, you can re-purpose the content in a freemium.  For example, let’s say you write a guide and you get a little carried away with 10,000 words or so.  That could be a blog series that you turn into 20 blogs. Wow.  You’ll be set for quite sometime.

If you’re strapped for time, always consider doing projects that can be re-purposed or multi-functional, like freemiums and videos.

Have more questions about the glory that is a freemium?  Still need help putting one together that’ll really be riveting to a new audience?  We’ve done a bunch of them for numerous businesses!  Contact us today- we’ll talk about it.