Many attorneys rely heavily on referrals to find new clients. If you have a relatively extensive network of professionals, then getting referrals should be near the top of your list of marketing efforts. How you go about acquiring them and what you do with them, however, will determine whether your referrals convert to clients. If you’re wondering how to obtain new clients and would like to use references to your advantage, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Referrals Stem From Positive Experiences

People tend to refer their friends and clients when they have had a positive experience with a service or product. In fact, a Nielsen study found that word-of-mouth recommendations are still the most influential. Rarely will someone have anything good to say about a product or service that fell short of their expectations. If you’d like to generate referrals as a result of your stellar service and knowledge, then you must focus on providing a superior client experience. Tend to every detail and make sure your clients feel well-taken-care-of at all times.

Building Trust Builds Your Referral Base

When someone refers an acquaintance or client your way, you can count on the fact that the referral will try to find additional information about you. Whether that means browsing the web or social media, they’ll expect to find authoritative content about your services. If they can’t see anything of value, they’re much less likely to trust your expertise. To build trust with potential clients, make sure you update your website and social media platforms with consistent, high-quality content. When you build confidence with potential clients before interacting with them in-person, they’re much more likely to reach out to you for further information.

Referrals Involve Risk

Every reference — whether you make it, or someone else does — involves risk. When someone refers a potential client to you, it is imperative that you demonstrate why you deserve that referral. Consistent communication, diligent follow-up and superior client services will show your referrals why other people are recommending you. When someone makes a business referral, and that business delivers subpar results, it creates an awkward situation. Don’t make others feel bad about referring their friends and clients your way. Build a reputation for excellence in all aspects of your business.

Create a Referral System

If you rely heavily on referrals for new business, you must create a system for generating them. To stay connected with prospects and those sending referrals your way, consider implementing the following tactics:

  • Educate Your Referral Sources – To ensure that your referrals sources are only sending qualified prospects your way, keep them updated on what your firm offers. It doesn’t benefit you to receive referrals who are not looking for what your firm practices. Keep your sources in the loop when any changes occur within your firm to make sure you keep receiving high-quality leads.
  • Newsletters – Sending out a monthly newsletter will keep your referral sources informed about what your firm is doing. Consistent, valuable content can remind your sources to continue sending new prospects your way.
  • Client Satisfaction Survey – Every year, send out a client satisfaction survey to keep tabs on how your firm is doing. A study can help you recognize areas that need improvement and can make your services more valuable to prospects.
  • Touch Base Regularly – Keeping in touch with clients, prospects, and referrals show them you genuinely care about serving them. This level of concern and attention to detail goes a long way when it comes to receiving positive recommendations. Consider mailing out letters every two to three months to show your dedication to service.

Building a strong base of referrals can only happen if you diligently work for it. If you need advice on how to develop a system for generating high-quality referrals, Market My Market can help. Contact us to learn how our legal marketing experts are here to help you get the word out about your firm and build a secure network of loyal clientele.