Almost three billion people use social media on a regular basis. If you’re not currently taking advantage of this marketing goldmine, you should be. If you are on social media already, you may need to change your strategy to reach your target audience.

Recent algorithm changes prompted by fake social media postings are changing the way businesses use these platforms. Social media users are now more active via mobile devices and would rather watch new information than read it. If you’re hoping to reach your audience using social media marketing, here are a few strategies.

Employ Mobile Tactics

Over two-thirds of United States adults use Facebook, and the majority of them access the platform via their mobile devices. Facebook recognized this trend a few years ago, which prompted the introduction of Lead Ads.

Facebook users using Lead Ads get taken to a form which automatically populates their contact information. These ads are easy to navigate and do not require user input, so they can positively impact your mobile conversion rate.

Introduce Video Content

People want video. In fact, research suggests that video content will drive over 80% of United States search traffic within the next year. On social media platforms, you have the option of posting produced videos, or you can choose to livestream new content. Either way, users are more likely to view your posts because they are more engaging than traditional photos.

Create videos that discuss common issues affecting your target audience and encourage discussion in the comments. If you aren’t familiar with how to create quality videos, outsource the job to a professional.

Utilize Social Ads

Just like you might pay for an advertising spot in the Yellow Pages, you should pay for ad space on social media. Users desire platforms where they can browse their feeds, while simultaneously being able to interact with advertisements. Fortunately, buying ad space on social media platforms is relatively inexpensive. You can then scale your reach up or down depending on your conversion rate.

Social media users browse very frequently, so you can quickly place your ads directly in front of them. Using this tactic allows you to focus on your target market, and compared to the initial cost, it can generate a substantial return on your investment.

Navigating the nuances and constantly changing platforms in social media and digital marketing is often challenging. Consider enlisting the help of a digital marketing agency to create effective digital campaigns for your law firm. Market My Market is experienced in various aspects of law firm marketing, and can help you today. We can give you competitive analyses and monitor social media analytics to create a comprehensive content plan for your law firm. Contact us at (800) 954-9441 to learn more about our services and receive a free quote.