With over 133 million users in the United States, LinkedIn is a goldmine of opportunity for professionals. If you’re trying to grow your firm and generate new business, then you should be taking advantage of this powerful networking tool. You already know that building relationships is an integral part of your success, so why not work on developing them via LinkedIn?

Just like traditional networking, LinkedIn requires consistent effort, but it can pay dividends if you do it right. So how can you use this professional networking platform more effectively? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Improve Your Profile

To stand out on LinkedIn, you need an appealing profile. You can achieve this by taking just a few simple steps. First, create a profile badge that you can place on your website. This badge links to your public profile so that web users can learn more about who you are and what you can do for them. To make your profile more appealing, you should also consider modifying anchor text links within the contact info section. Instead of using default links like everyone else, make them more attractive to your audience.

Next, optimize your profile for search engines by using keywords that are relevant to you. You can either add them to your headline or apply them throughout your profile summary.

Finally, try to have your skills endorsed by your LinkedIn connections. Viewers will be impressed by a list of capabilities supported by other professionals, so make this a prominent component of your profile.

Take Advantage of Networking

If you have a premium account, make your profile open so that you can message other LinkedIn members who accept open profile messages. This feature allows you to interact with other attorneys you might otherwise be unable to contact. You can also utilize the groups feature to communicate with industry-relevant groups of professionals. Using this feature, you can send up to 15 messages per month to other members of your groups. You can even create your group to establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

If you’re on Twitter, you can use the @mentions feature to share updates to the Twitter platform. Just like Facebook has tags that notify users of updates, Twitter does, too. When you use this feature, the individual or company that you tag will get receive a notification, along with all of their followers.

Start Marketing

To market effectively on LinkedIn, you’ll need to make sure your company page stays updated. Make sure you use the latest layout and include an engaging banner image. Next, create showcase pages to promote your products and services. Showcase pages lead visitors to your company page, so use them as tools to target your niche. To focus your audience, you should also be posting company status updates regularly. You can attract a broader audience when you are consistently posting fresh content, so be sure you make this a priority.

Finally, take advantage of LinkedIn’s built-in marketing tools. LinkedIn Pulse allows members to write and publish articles on the platform, giving you greater visibility and establishing you as an authority in your industry. You can also measure user engagement with LinkedIn’s content marketing score.

Depending on your results, you may be offered recommendations on how you can improve your LinkedIn content pages. The platform also provides ad space which allows you to target prospects based on industry, company size, job function, and title. Taking advantage of this feature will enable you to position yourself in front of well-qualified candidates who are in need of your services.

With the ever-changing nature of social media platforms, staying on top of industry trends can be difficult. To ensure that you are effectively reaching your target audience, seek the expertise of Market My Market. Contact us today at (800) 954-9441 to learn about how we can optimize your digital presence.