Written by Market My Market’s content team, with contributions from Isabel Skormin, Kianny Jimenez, Ryan Klein, Anastasiya Kalyuk, and Kelly Quintana

Today, we are constantly exposed to content in different ways. Whether it’s an ad that pops up while you are scrolling on social media or a blog being promoted on your latest Google search, with so much content available to the public, how can you make yours stand out from the rest? To achieve content that your leads, customers, and audience members will find valuable, you need to reach them in a way that feels organic and natural. Content marketing accomplishes this goal by highlighting the process of attracting and engaging your target market. 

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Contributed by Isabel Skormin, Content Writer

What Exactly is “Content Marketing” Anyway?

Media and web content are a routine part of modern-day life. People are used to consuming content regularly by reading, viewing, or listening to content that professional marketers craft to grab their attention and appeal to a target audience. In its simplest form, content marketing is a strategy marketers of businesses and organizations use to create and distribute valuable content that retains their desired audience. This helps build a business’ valuable resources and credibility within their industry.  

Different types of useful content to consider include the following: 

  • Blogs 
  • Articles 
  • Newsletters 
  • Social media posts 
  • Email campaigns
  • Long-form content 
  • Videos 

Valuable aspects of high-quality content marketing include the following:

  • Consistent and informative that branding impacts the success of businesses
  • Tracking consumer behavior and data to help you discover your consumers’ interests 
  • Publishing consistent and diverse content to build credibility in your industry 
  • Standing out from the crowd by speaking to the dedication you have to your company on various platforms 
  • SEO and content to increase your visibility and professionalism 

In a competitive business world, reaching levels of customer attention and dedication is crucial to the consistent success of any business. Our clients see the unique, creative, and professional content our diverse team creates. Quality web design, blog and article writing, video production, SEO, and other resources we offer have helped spearhead the success of our clients. Content marketing may be an ever-changing field that brings its challenges, but pairing business goals with professional marketing methods proves to have an incomparable impact. 

Contributed by Kianny Jimenez, Content Writer

The Steps to Getting the Content Marketing Process Rolling

There may be any number of steps in the content marketing process, but the main considerations will often be around your industry, how much time/resources you can dedicate to this form of marketing, and who will be undertaking the content marketing process on your team (a team member, an agency, a consultant, yourself, etc.).

Once you’ve established the Who and How for your content marketing process, you can start working through the details of Why, as the end goal of your process will help you to work backwards with how you will ultimately execute. Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Am I creating content to educate and inform current and potential customers?
  • Am I creating content to establish myself as an authority on the subject matter I am covering?
  • Am I creating content in an effort to bring in more qualified traffic for additional sales/clients?
  • Am I creating content to further encourage visitors of my website to take action?

These brief questions will help direct your content efforts toward particular forms of content; if you are to revisit these questions, you’d have more insight regarding what to create. Consider the following questions:

  • Am I creating content to educate and inform current and potential customers? — Answering questions (blogs, newsletters, and FAQ pages)
  • Am I creating content to establish myself as an authority on the subject matter I am covering? — in-depth industry-specific analysis (articles and long-form content)
  • Am I creating content in an effort to bring in more qualified traffic for additional sales/clients? — getting in front of high-intent searches (service/geo pages and blogs)
  • Am I creating content to further encourage visitors of my website to take action? — Assisting in conversion rate optimization (video and compelling copywriting)

Once you decide what content should be your focus—coupled with your allotment of resources (“I can do 4 pieces of content a week”)—you should have a game plan for a consistent content marketing process.

Contributed by Ryan Klein, Managing Partner

How Content Marketing Helps Businesses Both Large and Small

Before you decide that content marketing is an unnecessary expense, consider today’s audience. Audience members have information at their fingertips and require relevant, timely, valuable, and consistent data, unlike what print ads and traditional marketing techniques can offer. 

Your audience relies on specific information and content unique to their needs and questions; if the marketing doesn’t align with their needs, it’s easy to ignore. Media-savvy audience members are selective and live in a time where content marketing is a leading avenue in digesting information. 

Producing high-quality content offers various benefits for small and large businesses, regardless of the goals you are looking to achieve. Here are three benefits to focusing on content marketing for your unique business:

1. Builds Trust With Your Audience 

Building trust with your audience is a critical pillar in the success of your business. Providing relevant and timely content to your audience enables them to lean on you as a source of knowledge and a thought leader. By engaging with your audience through your content, you are building a relationship with them and eventually may foster brand loyalty as a result.

2. Builds Credibility and Authority 

Publishing high-quality content enables you to demonstrate your expertise to your audience. When you answer or discuss relevant questions in your audience’s mind and offer solutions to their problems, you are positioning yourself as a thought leader and industry expert worth investing their time, attention, and business. 

3. Helps Generate Leads and Conversions 

Lead generation is the heart of any content marketing strategy. When producing high-quality content specific to your audience’s needs, you are inserting calls-to-action that are crucial to leading your audience to the resources that help them with their unique problems and aid your business in lead generation.

Content marketing should provide helpful, quality, and timely information that audience members grow to rely on and trust over time. Once you establish a relationship with your audience, it will become effortless for them to make purchasing decisions and boost conversions for your business.

Contributed by Anastasiya Kalyuk, Content Writer

Market My Market Can Help Create the Perfect Content Marketing Plan For Your Business

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Contributed by Kelly Quintana, Content Writer