Engaging a customer through a website happens in just a few seconds. If your site takes more than that to load, your potential customer has already gone down the list to the next business. It is that quick. So, as you’re building your business’ online presence, it’s vital to ensure that loading speeds are fast.

It can make all the difference in your conversion!

How Fast Does a Website Need to Be?

To maximize the potential inquiries from new clients, your website must be as fast as possible. Your loading speed should be less than 3.5 seconds.

According to the latest data from 2016, almost sixty percent of all searches are made using a mobile device. When we use a mobile device for browsing, the connection is usually slower than with a desktop or laptop.

To provide a good experience for the user, we must optimize the website for the maximum possible speed.

How to Fix Your Loading Speeds

We achieve better performance when a website loads faster as opposed to a slow loading site. There are two main ways to ensure your website has a faster loading time.

First, your conversion rates must be improved. Every second added to your loading time decreases your conversions by seven percent. It is also vital to improve your Google keyword rankings.

Page speed is being used by Google to measure the quality of the site and has been since 2010. This is even more important now due to the number of people using smartphones to conduct web searches.

There are free tools available to determine if the speed of your law firm website is quick enough. We use a few of these tools on a regular basis to check our page speed metrics for our URL. We obtain a simple report stating the load time for specific pages. A lot of our website data is in Google Analytics, which is one of the primary sources we use to determine the overall speed of our site. Our speed is in the acceptable range for page speed. If your website is not within the 3.5-second loading phase, you need to take action.

Benefits of Improving Conversion

There are several ways you can increase the speed of your website. The most important concept to remember is to keep the loading time for your law firm website below 3.5 seconds. The longer the site takes to load past 3.5 seconds, the more conversions you may lose.

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