Written by Market My Market’s content team, with contributions from Kenzie Fox, Kelly Quintana, Jordan Kimmel, and Tanner Mowery

Writing complex legal topics requires a combination of research skills, legal knowledge, and a thorough understanding of your client. While lawyers have years of experience and schooling to navigate legislative affairs, writers must utilize their media literacy skills to translate complicated matters into digestible content. 

Every day, the Market My Market content team battles tricky legal jargon, current events, and enigmatic government documents to provide engaging content for our clients. With years of combined experience and a commitment to accurate information, our team has extensive knowledge of how you can handle challenging legal topics.

Kenzie Fox — Content Specialist

In the past, writers would need to spend hours and hours with their heads buried in books to identify and translate complex legal issues into accessible content for the everyday individual. With technology transforming our research abilities, writers can now receive accurate answers from honorable academic sources with a simple Google search. However, writers must have a thorough knowledge of digital research strategies and which sources are trustworthy to conduct a proper investigation and handle complex legal issues. 

The Market My Market’s content team performs rigorous research, extracts crucial details, and breaks down information into accessible language. We translate the details to resonate with a broader audience while retaining its accuracy and legal integrity. By staying up-to-date on current events and proposed legislation, we can craft unique and educational website content our clients can trust.

Kelly Quintana — Content Writer

At Market My Market, our team works hard to adeptly navigate the intricate landscape of complex legal topics. Our approach is rooted in a meticulous process that starts with rigorous research to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information we present. Armed with a keen eye for detail, we double-check sources and work to verify the authenticity of data before it finds its way into our client’s content. 

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond initial research as we immerse ourselves in the specific industries relevant to our clients, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the nuanced contexts in which legal matters unfold. This entails an ongoing effort to stay at the forefront of evolving regulations, precedents, and developments within the legal realm. By remaining perpetually informed, our content writers not only deliver comprehensive and insightful pieces but also empower our clients with the knowledge and confidence they need to engage effectively with their audience in the legal arena.

Jordan Kimmel — Content Lead

When it comes to writing blog and page content, our experience and expertise extend far between writing eloquently, clearly, and with proper grammar. In fact, that may only be half the battle. A surprising amount of work comes in the form of researching the topic and understanding the legal issue at hand. 

Despite writing for mostly legal clients, we’re not lawyers and have not passed the bar. Nevertheless, we must write accurately and authoritatively. The only way we can properly do so is by fully engulfing ourselves in the subject matter and becoming temporary experts in the niche about which we’re writing. Of course, over time, we eventually become more and more familiar with common legal topics and we begin to comprehend certain subjects by heart. But until then, it’s crucial we do a deep dive by reading up-to-date and accurate source material.

Once we’ve fully investigated the subject, the final hurdle is converting that research into digestible and readable content. After all, if we can’t turn legal jargon into a message just about anyone can understand, we’re not doing our job. Without a clear directive, the reader might as well go to the original source material to get their information. We serve to help the average person understand tricky legal concepts, and the way in which we do so begins and ends with thorough research. 

Translate Complex Legal Copy Into Digestible Content

Morphing complex legal topics into palatable, searchable content can be tricky and is best handled by a team of experienced content writers. Market My Market’s content and SEO team is here to save you time by handling the stressful parts and getting you leads in the process. While you focus on your business and maintaining your regular schedule, we’ll focus on elevating your content and developing your uniquely effective digital marketing strategy. 

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