When it comes to marketing a legal practice, it’s all too easy to do what the others are doing. Attorneys sometimes worry about branching out from the tried and true. Unfortunately, sometimes that can lead to marketing content that isn’t as effective as it could be.

It’s all too easy to fall into legal marketing traps that make content seem generic and regurgitated. Too often content mill writers simply rephrase content that they research online. Unless a trained attorney writes the content, it can start to sound just like the next attorney’s marketing content.

Don’t Fit In, Stand Out!

When it comes to legal marketing, the goal is not to fit in, but rather to stand out. Legal content that stands out is more likely to earn repeat hits from loyal readers. It’s also far more likely to have other websites link to the content. Of course, this type of legal marketing takes skill, and time to master.

Quality legal marketing means identifying gaps in online content and making a plan to fill those gaps. Getting it right takes time as well as research. It requires creating content that’s genuinely new. That might mean explaining the laws and how they apply to a very narrow issue. It could also mean explaining the details of a notable case and how the ruling might apply to others.

Choose Unique Content That’s Locally Relevant

To have great legal marketing, it’s important to be an outlier; that makes the content interesting and sought after. It ultimately means providing content that others don’t.

Legal marketing should cater to the locals. Most attorneys find clients in the local area. That means it’s important to provide information about things that are unique to that location.

An efficient marketing company offers services that are unique and individualized to each client. They will take the time to think about what the potential clients might be searching for, and then provide unique content that leads them to the firm’s services. When the time comes when that browser needs legal services, your law firm will be the first to come to mind.

Reach Your Clients Before They Need an Attorney

Effective legal marketing doesn’t assume that each potential client is actively looking for an attorney. They might just want to read about a legal question or research legal topics that interest them. Make sure to capture this audience and market your law firm’s legal services before they even start looking for an attorney.

Market My Market can make your law firm of effective legal marketing strategies that can increase website traffic, ultimately leading to more potential clients. Contact us today to speak with a digital marketing expert.