If you don’t know what “Legalese” is, it signifies using a lot of legal phrasing that is often not used in day-to-day conversation. Some examples of these words include henceforth, statute and injunction. While these words are not bad by themselves, many lawyers make the mistake of putting them in places where most potential clients won’t understand them. Legalese is certainly appropriate when drafting documentation read by other attorneys and judges, but when you are focusing on digital marketing efforts for your law firm, tread lightly.

When you are presenting your case for a client, you often have to think about who you are performing in front of and what arguments and cases will appeal to him. The same is for your digital marketing. Most potential clients looking for a lawyer are not going to be able to understand every legal term. They neither have the time nor the patience to puzzle out long paragraphs when five words can express a similar idea. You won’t lose lawyer Klout by using shorter, brief sentences in your law firm’s website or social media accounts. These sentences lead to more interesting content that helps your visit convert into a lead.

Making Content Digestible

What do your clients remember the most about your website? The first thing they often leave with is how pleasant it was to use your site. How easy it was to find what they were looking for, how fast the site loaded, and if they found the interface functional and smooth. Most users don’t remember anything past the interface and the general information they were looking for. Did the posts on your law firm website have relevant, interesting info? Was that info easy to read? The thing is, legalese doesn’t have to be long, winding walls of text posts. A short, three sentence paragraph post can be just as useless to a potential client if it misses the appropriate phrasing and context.

Your content writing should relate to your practice area, should give your client’s an idea of who you are, and should stand out. Stay professional, but not so professional that it can scare someone away. Need assistance balancing out the legalese in your law firm’s website? Contact us at Market My Market for a personalized consultation.