When you first start experimenting with marketing your law firm, mistakes are bound to happen. One of the most common mistakes of marketing any company stems from not having a clear plan or strategy thought out before starting. This leads to searching for leads in the dark, which can make you feel like you are wasting your advertising dollars. Recognizing if you have a plan or not is the first big step you need to take in figuring out how to improve your law firm’s marketing. Regardless of whether that plan exists or not, the next thing to do is choosing clear, focused goals for your marketing and writing out a strategy to meet those goals. This will allow you to communicate better with your marketing and business development teams, distributing manpower accordingly so tasks are not made redundant.

Another common mistake is not understanding who your potential clients are. In other words, not taking the time to understand why someone ended up choosing your competitor over your own law firm. Finding this out is a mixture of deep research, analytical thinking, and psychology to implement a marketing strategy that is best for your audience. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Would a client really be interested in this information? Is this something that they were looking for or needed when they started their search?
  • Would someone who finds me under this search term care about this topic?
  • Will a potential client be encouraged to open this e-mail or link to my web page?

Thinking like this may seem difficult at first, but considering your potential legal clients’ needs should become a habit to make your law firm’s digital marketing successful.

Finally, being able to measure the effects of your law firm’s digital marketing is essential. Calculating metrics such as how your customers are finding out about your legal practice, how they are interacting with your website, and how many of them are converting into clients that contact you, helps determine what is and is not working. Using tools such as Google Analytics will not only help for measuring your marketing strategy, but will also help with earlier mentioned walls such as determining who your clients are.