A good website is a critical component when it comes to law firm marketing. Not only does it explain to potential clients the services and experience you provide, it lays the foundation for what clients can expect when they work with you. Thorough and detailed content can give potential clients confidence in your ability to generate results while developing a sense of trust before you ever meet in person. Here are four important web pages every law firm website should include.

Question and Answer Pages

There’s a reason that question and answer websites like Quora and Avvo are growing in popularity. People have an endless list of legal questions and they need someone to answer them. Rather than calling an attorney or waiting in an office, people can easily find answers via such sites. Not only is it easier and less time consuming, people can also browse answers to other questions that may relate to their specific case.

To take advantage of the need for information, consider adding a question and answer page to your website. This way, potential clients can easily find the information they need, making it easier to determine whether your services are a good fit. Adding information about fees, timelines, realistic outcomes, and office visits will also help to manage client expectations while increasing office productivity. Instead of directing their questions to the office, potential clients can easily find the answers they seek online.

Scope of Practice Page

Dedicating a page to your scope of practice gives potential clients a better overview of the services you provide. Providing basic information about practice areas allows you to create further content based on specifics. A scope of practice page should focus on broad information that can be discussed in greater detail elsewhere on the website.

Detailed Practice Area Pages

The content on these pages should provide further detail on each practice area. This allows potential clients to delve into the details of cases most similar to their situations. Some clients may only need to see a basic overview of the services you provide, while others may wish to dig deeper into specific topics. Either way, this gives you an opportunity to create valuable content that will develop a sense of trust with those who view your website.

Local Pages

Local clients often have situations that are specific to your firm’s locale. Including local pages on your website may help you resonate with such clients, developing a sense of trust in your ability to generate favorable results. When creating these pages, think about the needs of your potential clients. Use phrasing and terms local to the area if possible. Think about prevalent issues in your area that may affect potential clients and create content around those issues. Developing a sense of trust and familiarity with your local audience will target a specific audience and attract more ideal clients.

To build a trusted presence online, content is key. For those in search of your services, trust and competency are two of the greatest considerations. By providing your audience with detailed information, you can take the first step towards building a trusting and rewarding relationship with potential clients. Learn more content marketing techniques that can benefit your law firm when you contact us today for a free consultation.