Is your law firm coming up extremely low on google? This means that your Google ranking is low and is in need of improvement. Gone are the days of people typing in the exact website that they are looking for (if they even know what that is anymore). All search efforts have been transferred to search engines like Yahoo and Bing with Google being the most popular. It is increasingly rare for searchers to scroll to the bottom of a page, much less, go to page 2. This is why your law firm’s Google ranking is so important.

Many believe that by simply building a website that they have solved all of their digital marketing problems, when in all actuality, that is just the beginning. Just having a Home, About, and Contact page is not enough to get recognized by Google. There are particular steps you must take to ensure that your law firm appears in the initial search results. These simple tips will help you improve your law firm’s Google ranking.

Publish Relevant Content

Having regularly updated content that is relevant to your practice areas is most important in improving your google ranking. Not only does it need to be relevant, but it also needs to be quality. Whether it be a blog or a page, there needs to be a repeated keyword phrase throughout the page. The keyword phrase should be phrased in a manner that best represents how a reader may search for that page.

For example, if one of your practice areas is “pedestrian accidents” and your location is Chattanooga, then the keyword phrase should be “pedestrian accident attorney in Chattanooga.” You would want to repeat this throughout the page but do not overdo it. The last thing you’d want is to decrease the quality of your page by implementing too many keyword phrases.


There are three different types of metadata that you need to pay close attention to in order to improve your google ranking. These are:

  • Title Metadata: This is what appears as the title on Google. This text should be 60 characters or less.


  • Description Metadata: This is the short blurb that appears underneath the title and should not exceed 160 characters. You should detail an intriguing and concise description of what the page contains.
  • Keyword Metadata: This pertains to the aforementioned keyword phrase and generally should not exceed 4 words.

Use Effective Links

There should be links located throughout your blog or page that link to other pages on your site to drive traffic. These links shouldn’t simply read “click here,” but instead be a keyword phrase that links to another page that references that phrase. This will improve your Google ranking for both the page that the reader is on and the linked page.

Use Alt Tags

Every visual should have an alt tag that briefly describes the picture or video. This makes it easier for Google to find your page and is especially important for text-only browsers.

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