The introduction of smartphones, tablets, and voice search has streamlined the way that people obtain information. Market my Market has completed another survey of 250 people to identify consumer search trends in 2019 and how businesses can take advantage of these trends.

87% of people will search more using mobile devices like smartphones

With the increased use of mobile devices throughout the years, it comes as no surprise that more and more people will start searching via mobile. Portable devices are more convenient than their desktop counterparts meaning businesses are sure to see an increase in mobile traffic to their sites in 2019. To be successful in 2019 companies need to ensure that they have an optimized mobile site concerning page speed, load times and, aesthetics. Issues in these areas may hinder any search rankings resulting in less than desired mobile traffic.

49% of people will be using voice commands like Alexa, Google Home, and/or Cortana to search

The introduction of more artificial intelligent voice search options like Alexa and Google Home may cause the most significant shift in search habits in 2019. With millions purchasing Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, people are more likely to be using AI- assisted voice search to look for information, navigation, products, and services.

This shift is changing the SEO landscape. To stay ahead of the curb businesses should optimize their sites by targeting featured snippets and using more conversational language throughout their websites. Optimizing Google My Business accounts are also imperative to be included in navigation voice search results.

52% of people will use business directories like Yelp, Angie’s List, YellowPages etc. to find the right businesses for them

Almost everything lives online these days. Today’s business searches are no longer completed in the yellow pages. People now use trusted online directories to save time and find the best business that fits their needs. Moving forwards into 2019 companies need to be listed in online directories. Doing so will result in increased discoverability, improved SEO, and better credibility. 

67% of people will put more emphasis on the reviews businesses have through websites like Google and Yelp etc. when deciding to use their services

People tend to trust a business after other customers have done business with it. Believe it or not, most people will search the internet for a product or service before purchasing to check the credibility first. Most companies that provide a good or service depend on positive word-of-mouth and online reviews to drive traffic. Some customers solely eat at restaurants that have good reviews on Yelp and Google. It is essential that businesses avoid any bad reviews on these sites and maintain good review rankings moving forward in 2019.

58% of people will make decisions about a business possibly based on how modern their website is, and other digital assets they may have

Websites, mobile and/or desktop, will continue to be a source of credibility for businesses. The majority of consumers treat sites the same way recruiters treat resumes. Just as it takes recruiters 30 sec or less to decide whether or not they will move forward with your resume, it takes users a fraction of that time to determine if they’ll continue on your site. Websites that are not optimized functionally and aesthetically regarding design, ease of use, aspect ratios see less traffic than more modern sites. Outdated designs can contribute to higher bounce rates and loss of potential business.

50% of people will make decisions about a business possibly based on their social presence, and how engaged they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. along with the quality of the content

Social media use has only been increasing over the past few years. The train to social media marketing boarded years ago and left the station. Any business without social media presence is sorely behind. Those who do use social media have taken advantage of platforms to connect with consumers, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and ultimately boost sales.

However, with increased social media saturation, users are prioritizing quality content and interactions on social platforms. Companies need to utilize more content marketing that speaks to and draws in consumers moving forward. Generate leads by telling users a story that puts them on a trail that leads back to your products or services.

78% of people will search the business name on Google prior to contacting them to see if they are on Ripoff report, have bad press, or any other negative information online besides reviews

The world has become more fast-paced meaning there is no longer time to waste when choosing a company to do business with.  The amount of dishonest companies and people scamming others out of their money has only grown. To avoid being scammed people are searching online to see if a business is credible.  The world has also become more socially conscious, so any bad press can only hurt your business moving forward.

As the Internet continues to grow and change, consumer trends will continue to shift. Increasing amounts of content have online users trying new and more efficient ways to search for information, products, and services.

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