The Law Offices of Jibrael S. Hindi is a legal practice located in Fort Lauderdale. The founder, Jibrael S. Hindi, is a young and ambitions attorney who practices business law, debt collection law, and personal injury law. Having just recently opened up his new practice, Jibrael wanted to hit the ground running with his marketing efforts. When he came on board as a client at Market My Market, the first order of business was coming up with a focused SEO strategy, identifying keywords, and establishing KPIs.

Initially, Jibrael wanted to go all out, focusing his efforts on SEO for business law, debt collection, and personal injury. However, as with most Search Engine Optimization efforts, we knew focus was key, especially for a brand new website like We suggested a narrowing of focus to one important area: defending individuals who are harassed by debt collectors. After all, it’s better to achieve success at one important thing than to chase two rabbits and catch none. Since then, the results speak for themselves.

What We Did


jibrael-google-index-statsYou may have heard this before but I’ll say it again – when it comes to SEO, content is key. The first order of business was to completely revamp the content which was already on Jibrael’s website. We looked through every page and identified what keywords the page was attempting to rank for and how the content could be improved from an SEO standpoint.

In addition, we identified opportunities for additional content. Since Jibrael came on board we have added numerous important pages including Reporting Harassing Phone Calls, The Rules of Collection Calls, Debt Negotiation, Consumer Debt Relief, and many more. Without these pages, it’s unlikely that the website would have ever ranked for many of the important related keywords. As one can see from the chart to the right, our content building efforts have resulted in substantial gains to the total number of website pages Google has indexed on since we began.

Link Building

If content is king when it comes to SEO, then links are Queen. Having high quality backlinks from a variety of reputable websites to one’s own page on one’s site is one of the most important factors in how Google determines how a page ranks. When it comes to a highly competitive industry like this, links are what set websites which rank apart from those which don’t. That’s why, from the very beginning, we redoubled our link building efforts. As of today, has 235 external backlinks from many different reffering websites (see backlink stats below).

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 1.53.35 PM

The Results to Date has seen huge improvements to rankings since we began our SEO efforts. Remeber, when we first started, was a brand new website with very little content and essentially no backlinks or rankings. As of today, the website ranks on Google’s first page for 11 important keywords (not to mention excellent rankings on Bing and Yahoo Search as well.

More importantly than it’s current rankings is how the website’s rankings have changed over time as a result of our efforts. Take three top keywords as an example, Fort Lauderdale Debt Harassment Lawyer, Fort Lauderdale Debt Harassment Attorney, and Fort Lauderdale TCPA Lawyer, the chart to the left shows how all three have improved since we began. Fort Lauderdale TCPA Lawyer has gone from number 28 on Google to number 3. Fort Lauderdale Debt Harassment Lawyer has gone from number 7 to number 1. Finally, Fort Lauderdale Debt Harassment Attorney has gone from number 8 to number 1.



Overall Outlook


overall-keyword-ranking-stats-2-3Overall, out of 35 keywords we identified, 15/35 now rank in the top 20 and 10/35 now rank in the top 10 (meaning they would appear on the first page).

Jibrael is still one of our clients to this day and the future is looking bright. We continue to push our SEO efforts and look forward to a long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship. If you are an attorney looking to dabble into the world of SEO, give us a call to discuss potential strategies.