Having a blog on your legal firm’s website is necessary and crucial these days, as online communication is now a key component of client interaction. Publishing high-quality content is an effective way to market your firm and establish your firm’s brand. It can expand your reach to hundreds of thousands of people at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Of course, establishing the content and tone of your website can present many questions. It’s important to address these questions, however, as the answers are crucial for determining a firm’s online presence. One common issue is the question of whether it is appropriate for a law firm’s website to contain information about legal questions that fall outside its jurisdiction. There are different ways to approach this question, but there is a good argument for blogging about events outside of a firm’s practice area.

Addressing National Issues

National issues impact current laws. This fact opens the door for great blog topic opportunities that can offer insight not only on what is happening in current events, but also how changes in the laws can affect the public on a local level.

As you write about big topics making the news, you have an opportunity to become a leader as you express your opinion on certain issues. Writing about how your firm can address these issues can make you and your firm a part of a national conversation that could bring more traffic to your website. This traffic can add to your company’s prestige as people start to share your pieces and your profile becomes more popular.

Tailor Your Blog to an Event’s Significance Locally

Though you may be writing about a national issue, you should tailor your blog around issues that impact your readers on a local level. Doing this will make your blog more resonant for people in your area, which can in turn help build your firm’s local profile.

Current national events provide an ongoing source of content that can be used to keep your blog engaging and relevant. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the news ideas out there so you can keep your readers informed and entertained.

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