Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is a way to create ads that appear above and below organic search results by bidding on a variety of keyword phrases. A number of businesses take advantage of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which can hold benefits for your law firm once you learn your way around. Push your legal marketing efforts to new heights by diving into PPC!

How Does It Work?

Search engine PPC advertising is highly popular and commonly utilized by law firms. While SEO campaigns focus on organically improving search engine rankings, PPC advertising allows law firms to virtually purchase search engine visibility. They do so by bidding on desired keywords relevant to their firm that, when searched, display their firm at the top of search results. The law firm must pay a fee whenever a browser clicks their link, but the fee is often a small portion of how much they can earn if that browser acquires their services.

It Is Straightforward For Lawyers

There are complicated ways to do PPC advertising, but it is relatively simple for lawyers. All you need to do is select keywords you would like to bid on, write copy for the ads, and then win the auctions for the keywords. Many law firms pursue keywords that are both relative to their practice areas as well as their geolocation.

Pay-Per-Click Costs More Over Time

Over time, the cost of PPC advertising for any given firm will continue to rise. This is because your firm must pay for each new client it acquires. Also, competitors will continue to bid on keywords that you are also trying to get. As a result, the price of such keywords will continue to increase. Law firms often end up battling one another over many of the same terms. Be prepared for an ongoing expense if you win a bid on a highly sought after keyword.

Keep Costs Under Control

Keeping costs under control with PPC advertising is critical. It is possible to do so by limiting the marketing scope for your law firm. Make sure that your ads only target those who will potentially see and react to them in a desired manner. Every client acquired this way is essential but also comes as a potential expense. Keep this in mind and try to reign in those costs as much as possible.

PPC advertising is a commonly-used form of marketing that can be beneficial to all types of businesses. At Market My Market, we can advise you on how to use PPC advertising to the benefit of your law firm. Contact us today if you want to improve your marketing plan and take advantage of numerous digital marketing tools.