It may be hard to believe that social media can be a useful digital marketing tool for a law firm. While the relevance of search engines are immediately obvious – someone searching for a local criminal defense lawyer and doesn’t know one is highly likely to search on their phone for a local attorney – social media comes off as more of a fun thing. Twitter and Facebook are for chatting with friends and sharing pictures, not for marketing your practice! It’s not that social media is being used much differently, but more people than ever are participating, and sophisticated strategies are being developed to find which of these people can be reached as clients.

Common Mistakes with Social Media for Digital Marketing

Most law firms are using social media in some way, but the problem is that they are using it as a one way channel. What that means is that posts are certainly going out to the public, but there’s little thought put into who those posts are reaching, where they are in the “buying” process of finding a local attorney, and how those posts are supposed to help convert that person into a client. As a result, the social media account turns into little more than a megaphone projecting onto an empty field.

Social Media Strategies

So you are probably asking yourself what these social media strategies are. Social media isn’t a one size fits all solution. What works for you depends on what your plans for your law firm are, what legal profession you specialize in, and how you would want your social media audience to interact with you. While engaging with social media followers is good, many of those same followers will need care and attention in order to stick. That’s because when we talk about conversions, that’s not just signing someone up as a client, it’s having them attend an event, or download an e-book you wrote. Such actions build trust between you and your audience, eventually leading to that goal conversion of obtaining a new client.

Back to Our Original Question

With this in mind, it’s fair to say that social media can be an important impact on your law firm’s digital marketing. While not every social media site may be a good fit for your law firm, it may do you more harm to wave away all websites as the same thing. Putting your law firm in front of people who are looking for your business is an important step to being found by more local clients. TO figure out what social media channels and other digital marketing techniques can work for your legal practice, contact us at Market My Market today.