Law firm marketing is in the midst of a transition. As new tools and strategies develop, older ones fade away. The internet marketing space is getting crowded as more law firms are aware of the potential rewards of successful digital marketing. Here are some marketing trends to keep an eye on.

Smaller Firms Will Adopt A DIY Approach

With a large amount of tools and resources available, more law firms will handle the internet marketing efforts in-house. The key is to find a solid training program and assign the marketing responsibilities within the office.

Longer Individual Content

Research has shown a positive correlation between length and SERP rank. Longer content is better because people like lengthy content on different subjects. As a result, there may be a reduction in content that is produced. As exposure and awareness become more important, the emphasis will shift from writing a lot of content to writing fewer high-quality posts.

Firms Will Do More Community Outreach

Community outreach can help law firms strengthen their SEO and brand development. Getting involved allows law firms to enhance their legal presence. Many sites have authority in Google. When law firms invest, they will receive a back link, which transmits the authority pointing back to the law firm.

More Social Media Charity Campaigns

More law firms are becoming open to using social media to influence their communities which, in turn, expands brand awareness. Prospects are starting to research social media before contacting the law firm, so it is important that the profiles are filled with positive community focused events.

More Visual Content

While longer content is important, the content must be visually appealing. Law firms are aware that Google is emphasizing user activity on pages, which means visual content is a key to improving metrics and having more conversations.

Video Content Will Increase

More law firms are using technology to create short videos for their social media accounts. Video content is a great way for law firms to establish trust with their audience.

CRO Increase

Conversion Rate Optimization is in demand with more law firms looking to turn website visitors into clients. There are marketing publications that emphasize CRO. Law firms can enhance their conversion rate simply by making a few changes. While CRO can be intimidating, Law firms should focus on improving the smaller aspects, which can lead to significant results.

Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends can become an overwhelming task. For this reason, it might be well worth it to consult with Market My Market to ensure your business isn’t adversely affected by counter intuitive. Contact us today to speak with a digital marketing expert.