The importance of social media for business growth is beyond doubt. Social media is a platform that affords your audience a personal and immediate response to their queries and allows them to be acquainted with your brand. While some lawyers are skeptical about LinkedIn marketing’s potential of injecting new business, several studies prove otherwise.

LinkedIn Had 182 Million Visitors Worldwide in 2014

LinkedIn is among the rapidly growing social platforms in the world. Every second, 2 members sign up for a LinkedIn account. It is likely that among the millions of LinkedIn followers, a few people could be a referral source or your potential clients. Since more and more people are signing up for LinkedIn every day, this is a good opportunity for lawyers to connect online with those who fall within their target market.

80% of B2B Leads on Social Media are Generated from LinkedIn

If any of your business practice focuses on business or corporate clients, you should try LinkedIn. There is no need of doubting that your potential referral sources and clients are on LinkedIn. There is a high likelihood you will find them on this platform. You need to be more concerned with making a credible and strong presence on LinkedIn and learning ways of effectively reaching out to them.

45% of Traffic from Social Media is Generated from LinkedIn

These statistics show the power of LinkedIn in supporting any lawyer’s content marketing efforts. According to the 80/20 concept of marketing, you need to spend 20% of your efforts generating content and 80% of your efforts promoting it. One of the ways you can effectively promote and drive traffic to your law firm is by making a strong presence on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Has Increased B2C by 150% and B2B by 200%

This simply means that social media embraces any kind of law practice. Many businesses and entrepreneurs are adapting to the use of social media and this fact will only ring true as time goes by. Whether your clientele includes professionals or corporations, you can be able to generate new business through LinkedIn.

80% of Members on LinkedIn Want Connections with Companies to Improve Professional Decision-Making

Since potential clients seek to learn about lawyers and interact with them before taking business to them, it is important for you to have an online presence. Most potential clients use the internet to research about a firm. A person who gets to know you through your online profile will be influenced to hire you by what they see. LinkedIn stands out as an ideal tool for lawyers to establish their credibility with prospective clients and to showcase their services.

50% of members on LinkedIn Buy from Companies They Connect with on LinkedIn

If you want to sound relatable and authentic in your marketing efforts, LinkedIn is the platform where you can achieve this fete. People to people marketing will drive new business to your practice. It’s important to build relationships on LinkedIn if you are to be successful in generating your traffic from this platform.

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform for implementing your marketing agenda. If you need help with making a presence on LinkedIn and generating traffic, consult Market My Market and watch your firm’s goals come to fruition.