For potential clients, hiring an attorney is a weighty decision. Not only are they investing a significant sum into their legal representation, but many times, their emotional well-being as well. In severe cases, clients may even be placing their very lives in the hands of someone they hardly know. This decision is not taken lightly; however, many attorneys’ biographies fail to gain the trust of prospective clients due to their mundane nature.

While it may be true that an impressive resume of successful cases displays competency, potential clients look for the human inside the attorney as well. Clients want to connect, on some level, with their representation. They want assurance that the individual they are entrusting with their legal issues is not only competent but relatable and empathetic. So how do attorneys convey this to potential clients? Here are some tips to better construct a relatable, informative, and convincing attorney biography.

Have a Detailed Introduction

Just as in a real-life formal introduction, attorneys should give their name, as well as any monikers they might go by. If they’ve earned a nickname for their specific skills, including it in the bio is recommended. Attorneys should also include details about specific areas of practice to give potential clients a better idea of how they can contribute.

Include a Background

To help potential clients better understand their mission statements, attorneys should consider adding details about their journey to their current position. What events have shaped that journey? What inspirations led to the decision to become an attorney? These inclusions help potential clients relate on a human level and bring some familiarity to an attorney bio.

Use a Conversational Tone

Using technical jargon will surely confuse and disengage the reader. A conversational tone, however, keeps the reader intrigued and feeling as though they are speaking with an actual person. While professionalism is key, a bit of personality is generally appreciated.

Consider Using Photos

A professional headshot is certainly expected, but including photos that show some personality is a nice touch. This further helps the reader relate on a personal level, developing a sense of familiarity and trust. If possible, display examples of both to show your range.

Readers tend to enjoy a human touch, so providing page visitors with a bit of entertainment allows them to connect to lawyer. Simply tweaking attorney bios to provide a bit more depth may just motivate potential clients to reach out for more information.

There are many things to consider when building a law firm website. Appealing to potential clients through your attorney bio is essential when client building. Contact Market My Market today to learn more about how your law firm can be more proactive with their legal content marketing.