Ultimately, the goal of having content on your website is to acquire more website visitors. Whether these visitors conducted a Google search and found a blog post, or came across your website on a shared social media post, more engagement equals more traffic to your site. When content goes viral, thousands of browsers flood to your website to view the source of the content. Every business wants their content to go viral, but social media algorithms are constantly changing, making it difficult to determine the next big hit. Here are a few characteristics that you can find in most viral content.


Content must be high-quality before it can get around like a Taylor Swift music video. While this may not be true for all thriving content, ensuring that it’s clear and concise has proven to increase shareability.


Your content could include Albert Einstein levels of knowledge, but it doesn’t mean much if your audience can’t understand it. Studies show that your content should be at a ninth-grader reading comprehension level. Many website plugins come with a readability test that allows you to edit your content’s readability. If the readability level is high, use less complicated words and pay attention to how many words you’re using in each sentence.

Visually Appealing

Visuals are a vital factor to viral content. An excellent picture or photo layout makes your content stand out from everything else on someone’s social media feed. Think of when you’re scrolling through Twitter or Facebook. Which posts catch your eye? More often than not, it’ll be a post with an alluring photo or short video. Visuals aren’t limited to images inserted into the content, but also include the structure of the material itself. Many are easily discouraged by long paragraphs, so try to break them up a little more if you feel like they’re too long.

While these factors are essential to most viral content, there’s no guarantee that your posts will blow up your audience’s feeds even after implementing these practices. Social media is a hit-or-miss platform. Two different posts with the same factors could have dramatically different results on social media platforms. If you think you need a little helping hand creating quality content, don’t be afraid to reach out to Market My Market. Although we can’t promise viral content with millions of views and shares, we can ensure that your content is high-quality and readable for your targeted audience. Don’t forget to contact us today!