For anyone looking to finally get a grasp on the foundation of SEO, I recommend the follow series to either read or listen to (podcast link and podcast transcriptions attached).  These were thoroughly researched and organized individual guides for people to have a better understand of the most important aspects that comprise modern day Search Engine Optimization.  I believe this will be useful for the following people:

  • Anyone looking to get a grasp on the foundation for SEO to launch their own campaigns on their own digital assets
  • Anyone looking to understand SEO further and get ideas that can be passed along to their team and their marketing partners
  • Anyone that has a baseline of SEO and would want a fresh take on how SEO operates today

Even if you’re fairly versed on SEO, one of these aspects may be somewhat unclear to you (for example, many SEOs understand the value in links but don’t know how they’d go about obtaining a strong mix themselves).

Beginner’s Guide to SEO in 2021

Comprehensive SEO is typically broken in the following components: Content, Link Building, and On-Site Optimization.  There are plenty of other complimentary facets, such as Local SEO and Online Reputation Management, but these are the main factors that will account for nearly 100% of your website’s presence in search results apart from Google My Business and Paid.  Each one is thorough and nuanced, with some SEOs dedicating their careers and expertise to just one of these components.

Would Only People Starting Off Find These Guides Helpful?

I kind of use the term “beginner” loosely since who can really quantify when someone breaches beginner to intermediate to expert?  (time, experience, ability, proven results?).  You could do something for a decade and simply be adequate, and pursue something for several months and have a total knack.  Therefore, I’d say 75% is introductory concepts that are relevant right now in almost mid-2020, and 25% is insight that is more advanced from elaborating a bit more on specific topics.  I think that anyone would find this a useful series unless they do SEO full-time (and maybe even then), so give them a listen and let us know what you think.