Apps have revolutionized the way we use our cell phones. They can do everything from order you food, to analyze body ailments. When it comes to legal marketing, there are a host of apps that can be used to maximize a law firm’s digital presence. Here are 6 of the most popular.

ScanBizCards HD Lite

In the old days, a networking event required piles of different business cards. However, with the business cards still being used, the method of arranging them has greatly improved. ScanBizCards HD Lite app scans such cards instantly and stores them into your phone. It also saves the information and other important credentials into your address book in the form of a contact. Networking is a major pillar in marketing and linking with your potential clients. Thus the app provides several features that make the process easier.

Movable Ink

The most important aspect of a solid SEO marketing plan is high-quality and consistent content. Offering relevant and strong content for your clients serves as an objective. Thus, Movable Ink is built with the significance of content in mind. If the service of your email marketing is outdated, your clients may be sending them to the spam box. You can prevent that by ensuring your email content is effective, fresh, and meets your goals through Movable Ink.


This app utilizes different innovative features to assist in linking you with your clients. One of the key parts it plays is enabling you to chat with your guests to your website. Intercom entails a variety of components that improve your effectiveness in reaching customers by planning, educating, engaging, and resolving issues. Lawyers want their services to reach the right potential clients, and that is one area that Intercom excels.

Slide Rocket

For the majority of lawyers, presentations are a key part of their job. Presentations can be powerful promoting tools to those who understand how to use them. Slide Rocket is a great tool for sharing, compiling, organizing, and sharing presentations that are of high significance to your law company. The app has dynamic presentations, and can be accessed from different platforms. You also have the ability to share presentations and slides with your co-workers.


Everyone gets tired of emailing clients that never respond. By downloading Boomerang into Outlook or on your smartphone, you will start drafting efficient emails. The app shows you how probable it is that your email will receive a response by criteria list.

Social Engage

The app enhances your marketing potential on social media. Instead of using normal Facebook marketing tools that appear like competition when campaigning, Social Engage allows you to customize dynamic ads for social media usage.

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