In the ever-growing world of online marketing, choosing the right keywords is, well, key. There are numerous methods for determining what phrases web browsers use, and many of them work quite well. However, there is one method that seems to be quite foolproof: thinking like your target audience. This leaves room for creativity and interpretation, which can be tough to achieve through a law firm.

Thinking like your target audience is the easiest and most foolproof way to engage new clients. This means that site owners must create content based on what their target audience finds useful and meaningful, rather than basing it solely on keyword phrases.

Unlike weeding through the various metrics found in numerous keyword tools, thinking like your target audience isn’t difficult and can generate a substantial amount of traffic relatively quickly. Here’s how to figure out what your visitors are searching for:

Ask the Audience

The best way to find an answer to a question is to ask. Do your background research first and ask people how they might search for attorneys online. Look up statistics online, but also speak to people you know. Whether they are clients, friends, or other professionals. Chances are, your services are local, and your marketing will depend on your clients’ unique needs. You can also ask whether people would even use a search engine to look for your services or if they would prefer something else entirely. Try to gather as much information as possible about people’s search habits. This will help you determine which words you should highlight in your web content.

Brainstorm Audience Queries

Imagine your ideal client is searching for information related to your area of practice. What would this person type into a search engine to find out more? Many internet users prefer to conduct research surrounding their legal issues before seeking out an attorney. To better determine appropriate keywords, it may be beneficial to brainstorm the kinds of questions your audience may be asking. Don’t limit yourself to keywords that only relate to your physical location, practice area, or relevant legal terms. Many users type questions directly into search engines, so you’ll want to cater to those readers as well.

In addition to potential clients, it is beneficial to consider other professionals who may visit your site. For these readers, using the appropriate keywords is important as well. Other professionals may look to your site as an established and authoritative source of legal information. If they can find you, chances are, they may refer some of their own clients when the need arises.

Google Adwords, Analytics and Webmaster Tools

These services can tell you a great deal of information regarding how users search for your material. If you have the budget for it, Google Adwords can give you useful information about how internet users have found you. It can tell you how many times your ad was shown for a particular keyword and can provide insight into user behavior.

Google Analytics can help you understand user search patterns and the keywords that brought them to your site. This can help you develop more effective keywords that can make you stand out among future searches. You can also find the specific queries that landed people on your site. A good idea is to create content around specific queries you have found in this tool. Usually, if one person had a question, others will have the same question, too.

Google Webmaster Tools is a valuable tool for understanding how people are using search engines to find your material. You can view click-through rates as well as query data to form a better idea of user search trends. Using this information, you can better understand how Google is organizing your site’s pages for specific queries.

Be Creative

Above all, be creative. Every day, there are millions of unique searches performed across a variety of search engines. Keep in mind that “unique search” means a search that has never been performed before. Always think about how your audience uses the internet to find you, not how you would use the internet to find you. When you keep your audience’s needs at the forefront of your keyword development, you’re sure to discover a lexicon of valuable keywords that drive traffic to your site.

Finding the right combination of keywords to attract the clients you seek can be a challenging trial-and-error process. It may take up to several months to see results. To ensure you implement an effective search engine optimization strategy for your law firm, trust the legal marketing company Market My Market with your online marketing. Contact us to learn more.