What is An SEO Audit?

An SEO Audit is the primary tool website owners use to determine where their website currently stands in the world of digital marketing and optimization. An SEO Audit can help you ascertain where your website excels and where it could be improved. Without one to outline many of the metrics and factors you should be focusing on, it would be difficult to figure out where to should start on the road to getting your website’s most coveted keywords on Google’s front page.

Contrary to popular belief, an SEO Audit is not just useful for a new website or a website which has never had a comprehensive SEO strategy implemented. In fact, at Market My Market our team routinely goes back through websites of clients who have been with us for a long time and does periodic SEO Audits. We do this because we realize that our SEO strategy can change as often as Google algorithm updates (so sometimes even several times a year), so it’s often time to reexamine what we’re doing for content, what we’re doing to build authority, and ensure the course still makes sense. The internet is dynamic, website technologies evolve, links change and break, and search engines update their algorithms to adjust the weight given to different ranking factors. As a result, an SEO game plan which was established two years ago from an initial SEO Audit is almost certainly not ideal for today.

Whether you have a new website, a website on which you’ve never applied SEO, or even a website which is updated regularly, a routine SEO Audit is still an important tool in one’s arsenal.

Why Is an SEO Audit Important?

The most important thing to understand is that a routine SEO Audit is a means, not an ends. An SEO Audit won’t make your website better in and of itself, but it will give you the knowledge and the tools you need to create an SEO strategy for the future. Identifying weaknesses and opportunities for improvement is an important first step in refocusing your SEO strategy and ultimately in achieving your long-term SEO goals. We recommend at the very least a yearly SEO Audit to all of our clients in order to stay on top of the rapid pace of change in the industry.

If you are looking for a professional SEO Audit, Market My Market can help. Our SEO audits will look at extremely important (and often not very technical) factors on your website, including on-site optimization, site speed, site authority, and unique characteristics you can improve upon that are done manually, as opposed to any SEO tool out there that claims it can cover all the bases automatically. Sign up for an SEO Audit here, and one of our SEO experts will conduct a thorough review of your website. Got questions? Give us a call.