A thriving website is something that every law firm wants as it increases the likelihood of converting visitors to clients. Among the many ways to interact with potential clients through the website is to offer a forum for visitors to make comments and ask advice. Many law firms want to promote open communication but aren’t sure if this is the most efficient way to do so. Here are some things to take into consideration.

Avoiding Controversies

Given the ethical considerations associated with attorneys offering advice, one must follow the rules that apply within the particular state of your practice. Taking such precautionary steps can help avoid controversies involving direct advertising of a firm’s services. It can also provide a clear delineation between offering advice and establishing an attorney-to-client relationship.


Once you address those factors, you have the opportunity to make the firm’s website a prime source of information and communication. Although transparency is essential,  it’s important to make sure that you can moderate visitors’ comments.

Taking this step can eliminate the chance of browsers posting crude comments or potentially libelous claims in this section. One can moderate what visitors post by establishing a type of screening process where someone checks the comments before they go live on the site. If you deem the comment to be a legitimate query, a qualified attorney can then allow the comment to post and provide a sufficient response.

Social Media

Due to the widely accepted presence of social media, allowing individuals to sign in through their social media platform of choice can welcome more questions and comments. In that same vein, individuals who prefer to stay anonymous when asking what can sometimes be sensitive legal questions should also have that option.


Any responses by attorneys need to have disclaimers within the actual message and on the site itself. Doing so can help avoid litigation from a disgruntled visitor who was under the erroneous belief that an attorney-client relationship was now in place.

Prompt Answers

Responses need to be prompt so that visitors feel valued and understand that the firm in question takes their inquiries seriously. If you believe that you will not have the time necessary to promptly respond to visitors’ questions or comments, you should not add this feature to your site. Taking a long while to respond to questions or concerns can end up having an adverse effect and push potential clients away.

Market My Market can adequately address these matters and help you make the most of such interactive features. We understand the importance of garnering the trust of potential clients and can aid in your effort to attract more clients. Contact us today to learn more about how your firm can be more proactive with improving customer relations.