Jeff Pulver, entrepreneur and producer of the #140Conf had some wise words about social communications and marketing during the Like Minds New York event. We were lucky enough to attend a session where Pulver pointed out 5 tips regarding social communication.  Pulver noted the importance of social communication in marketing and how it can impact the relationship between brand and customer.

1. Be Authentic & Responsive

Automated messages are a no-go for authenticity in marketing. Social communication does not take place in an automated message. There are enough noise out there and if you don’t intend to really listen and respond, then don’t post.

2. Don’t Put Social in The Corner

Social is not a one-person interaction, but a shared activity. It should be implemented across your entire customer outreach department. Encourage your employees to add in their own voice and personality to the brand. The brand will stand out even more with the added layer of understanding.

3. Listen. Connect. Share. Engage

Identify individuals in your social media who have the potential to become brand ambassadors by engaging with them. Those chosen individuals will feel empowered as they take part of the branding process. You now have a loyal brand ambassador who will spread the brand.

4. Influencers Are You & Me

People listen more to their friends, family, and social circle. Essentially anyone with friends makes for a good brand ambassador. They will organically broadcast your brand into the nooks and crannies of their social circles.

5. Customers Talk Anywhere & Everywhere

Social communications come in many form. Customers will talk to each another regardless of which format it takes place in. Don’t disregard one platform over another, all have an equal chance to host conversations about your brand in. The best thing that can happen is everyone talking about your brand.