No SEO company is thrilled when a client postpones SEO services, especially when a reason is “We’re getting too much business” (true story), but there are times that it is respectable and understandable:  change of direction in the company, movement of company from one location to another, complete overhaul of management, and (hopefully not) the company altogether folds.  Though we respect every time a client wants to “take a break” from services, we wouldn’t recommend it just because the time of the year is slower.  There are often times, from what we’ve seen there are reasons that even though websites have a nice position from ongoing web services, they can easily shoot themselves in the foot for taking a different marketing route:

Not Adjusting for an Algorithm Update:

There are plenty of forums and websites that are committed to predicting what the outcome of a new algorithm update is.  Thin content, poor link building, heavy use of flash, lack of mobile optimization.  Since this is typically the job of the SEO team you hire, it is their job to make sure your site is observing all of the principles and qualities outlined by search engines when they roll out updates, NOT having a team by your side could be detrimental to staying on top of what you should be doing.

Not Giving the Site a Reason to be Crawled Anymore:

Frankly, every time we’ve parted ways with a company, we say “Well at least don’t stop blogging!”.  This is because blogging and adding content is one way you can ensure to search engines like Google that your website isn’t dead.  Adding additional content is one of the most reliable ways to let search engines know you are maintaining your website and making an effort to provide quality content to people visiting your website.

Letting Competition Get Ahead:

I personally feel like this is one of the most important reasons to maintain SEO services in some capacity.  No matter what market you’re in, no matter what city – someone is going to make a website and attempt to take your rankings.  Someone else is going to say “Sure why not” and hire an SEO company to come after your traffic.  Many times when client rankings drop, the reality really ends up being “It isn’t so much that your SEO has slipped and you lost rankings, it is more that your competition has been trying harder and they are passing you on the rankings”.  This shift in thought honestly could be pretty profound but I find it to be accurate in most situations.

Simply Not Growing One of the Most Important Extensions of Your Business:

When you stop working on your website and your online presence, you’re basically saying that you don’t want to work on growing your entire business anymore.  Since your website could very well be the biggest lead generator that you can have, when you stop doing ongoing work, you don’t mind having your entire business stagnate and eventually tamper off.  There are always things to be done in the forms of link building and content forever, and without a doubt numerous opportunities at any given time – no matter what.

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