Think about how you feel about outdated versions of technology.  When posed with a choice between an iPhone 3 and iPhone 5s (besides the consideration of contract length and cost) what would you pick?  If you were looking up a subject on how to use Microsoft Office, and there was a publication from 2002 and one from 2013, which one would you select?  We’ve been looking into theories based on Google’s algorithm understanding how old the content is for the pages on your site.  We are thinking more and more each day this is a component of page ranking, and if the content on your site hasn’t been refreshed in a decade, this is a reason you may be slowly but surely continuing to lose rankings.  What else could it be?  Well we know for sure that keyword stuffing and cloaking has been a poor practice for quite some time.  Maybe it would be worthwhile to check if these things are happening on your website right now.

If you aren’t too keen on building an entire website from scratch and spending the money that goes along with it, there are plenty of things you can still do to spruce up your site.  Most web designers will work with you to do some revamping to your current site, and add components, make edits, add/remove elements, etc.  Don’t feel pressured by a web designer that tells you there is nothing they can do and that it is absolutely necessary to rebuild it.  You should be able to work with some people that have no problem adding to your current site.

There are other elements that are fairly easy to implement and can add tremendously to conversion, like splash pages and pop-up chats, but be sure to acknowledge that they may be intrusive.  One example of a splash page is on Haggar, which introduces a 20% off coupon immediately if you enter your email.  You’ll see many of these features on retail and e-commerce websites.

Just because you have a site you’d prefer not to redesign doesn’t mean you can’t add great components to it.  Need ideas for how to bring your site to 2014?  We’d be more than happy to consult for you with a complimentary introductory brainstorming session!  Contact us today.