The debate going back and forth whether or not video SEO is worth it, in my opinion, concluded when Google stopped featuring video thumbnails as search results, probably more than 6 years ago. YouTube, which I believe is still considered the second-most used search engine in the entire world, still doesn’t warrant overwhelming results in the form of lead generation. Some SEOs will praise it as a form of visibility and lead generation, but I don’t believe it. I do believe it does the following:

  • Creates much more dynamic ads for successful Facebook and social media paid campaigns
  • Is an important form of content for Homepages, About Us Pages, accompaniment to blogs, and professional bios
  • Can be used for “indoctrination” in the form of sales funnels or nurture campaigns
  • Provided a great “rock star” effect for professionals first getting in front of prospective clientele
  • Helps with the conversion of other paid efforts and many other one-off unique initiatives

Should Businesses Continue to Pursue Video as Part of Marketing?

I believe it is safe to say video is very effective for brand awareness, but not particularly effective for direct attribution to a new lead channel.  That being said, this isn’t going to be the first thing businesses are willing to pursue other marketing efforts lined up. Quality videos can scale in costs about as much as quality websites once production hours are factored in. Key people being featured will have to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Scripting is paramount. Locations are crucial. Shoot, why’d we think about videos in the first place?

The reason is, you’re doing it for consumers. Video is a critical opportunity to show who you are in a creative format.  In our blog, “Why Different Content Formats Matter in 2019” you’d be surprised I suppose at this point to know I am making a case for video wholeheartedly.

An Opportunity to “Step Outside the Box”

When we posted that blog, consumers still found e-books to be a helpful alternative to standard textual content, but video was right behind with 37.19% of respondents saying it was their ideal form of content among podcasts, infographics, e-books, video, checklists, guides, flowcharts, and animations. On a scale from 1-10, the average among respondents was 7.3 for these alternative forms of content being responsible for their choice in the professional, perceiving them as trustworthy, and narrowing down their decision between two professionals.

Just because there aren’t as many opportunities for lead generation with videos doesn’t change the fact that 5 billion YouTube video plays occur every single day. People are always going to prefer visuals when it comes to tutorials and walkthroughs; and, on the complete flipside, connecting with someone on a deeper level (I do have some videos going over different topics on our YouTube channel, which I will be contributing to more often soon).

Should a Business Feature a Firm Overview Video on their Website?

Now that we’re starting to establish how important video really is after all for, let’s say, the not-as-emphasized potential for getting leads but the proven and apparent unique positioning and branding it can offer, do we have another renowned Market My Market survey that asked questions about how important a company overview video is? Of course we do! This one pertains to the legal niche but could carry over to almost any industry.

We asked participants four questions:

On a scale from 1-10, do you think it is important for a lawyer to have a quality firm overview video that discusses their philosophy and unique approach to handling cases?

Average 6.863309353
Median 7
Mode 8


If a firm overview video is important to you, how many seconds of a quality firm overview video would you watch if it was 180 seconds long?

Average 121.7265625
Median 120
Mode 180


On a scale from 1-10, if you narrowed down two lawyers you liked but one had an excellent firm overview video, how much would that impact your choice between the two lawyers?

Average 6.936170213
Median 7
Mode 8


On a scale from 1-10, how much would your preference be towards watching a video on a lawyer’s website instead of reading content?

Average 6.751724138
Median 7
Mode 8


What’s interesting about these results is that the average respondent certainly thinks positively about video; however, it isn’t as overwhelming as some other features and functionality we’ve asked about the past.

When it comes to reviews, for example, positive reviews have been anywhere between an 8.0-8.5 in previous studies, along with other questions involving featuring awards/accolades, chat functionality, alternative content, testimonials hanging around the 7.0-7.9. Below 7 isn’t alarming, but it kind of reinforces that sometimes, there isn’t as much urgency as other marketing initiatives. The biggest advantage of having well-done videos is mostly how many different uses they have – the sheer repurposing is extremely appealing.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Putting Videos on a Professional Website

The great thing about video is that nowadays, smartphones and webcams shoot excellent video. Potential clients may even like the candidness and intimacy of you simply using native video recording to provide information or essentially do a vlog. Thus, video has the potential to help your business take a more intimate approach to connect with customers.

On the other hand, a professional video might have drawbacks. What’s a professional video going to set you back? From what I’ve seen from other agencies and companies doing video production, it can easily correlate with websites when it comes to budget. Videos can cost in the low thousands of dollars for good, high thousands for great, and low tens of thousands for amazing. Much like a website, it should be usable for a long time, about 5 years. Combining a narrative with stunning videography coupled with powerful direction is a dynamic way to draw someone into your philosophy and ultimately your ability to provide why you are not just a solution, but the solution for whatever they need. When you find the right partner to create a video, the finished product should provide all the benefits associated with video content.

Looking to add a firm overview video to your website? At Market My Market, our team of marketing experts would be happy to assist you with the entire process, from writing the initial script to shooting. Let us know how we can help by seeking a free marketing quote.