Everyone loves traffic to their site.  It’s exciting to know that people are on it one way or another, browsing around, looking at what you created.  But the point of traffic is ultimately to convert it into sales.  The purpose of putting effort online for your business is really two things: branding and lead generation.  You could find a company that has techniques to driving traffic to your site all day, and they could do a great job.  They could increase your traffic 20%, 50%, even 100%.  But if your leads and revenue are not correlating, that additional traffic is almost useless.

Be wary of sites that put too much emphasis on traffic and not enough on lead generation.  Again, traffic is great but will not justify having an internet marketing company.  You want a company that will be able to level with you, look at the unique position of your company in your market, and determine the best way to increase referrals and leads.  If this is all done correctly, you will see a rise in both.

The kind of traffic you get is also important – if you’re working with an SEO company, you’ll mostly want to see improvements to organic.  With a social campaign, social traffic.  With branding, you would likely see improvements to both referral and direct.  And lastly, with a paid campaign, it is important that that traffic designated as paid.  Historically, the most qualified and convertible traffic we see is organic, so make sure that is segmented out in reporting.  At the end of the day, traffic is a great indicator of a positive trend in your campaign but is by no means the only determining factor in the success of the campaign.