Your business is obviously unique.  It always seem strange to see companies offering kinds of “packages”, as if SEO is a bouquet of various enticing flowers and chocolates.

“Well do 20 links, 10 blogs, 1 hour of optimization, 3 articles, etc etc.”

Though it is nice that is fairly transparent on what you’re getting, there is no way what’s right for your company is right for another.  Some businesses don’t need nearly as much copyrighting as another, and one could use more valuable links than the next.  When it comes to your business, that requires a precise understanding for it to work well, a package simply will not suffice.  Though some companies will be flexible with their packages, and offer some of the deliverables as a substitution, you may find that some sites make it apparent that what they offer is very rigid.  This is especially prevalent with much larger companies, that may not have the ability (or the interest) in making a marketing strategy JUST FOR YOU work out.