Founders, and their employees, of internet marketing companies are typically very passionate about the work that they do.  There is a lot of pride that goes into it, and they are pleased when their clients are excelling in their business when SEO and SEM techniques are working well.  This passion extends beyond just providing good work, but it even goes as far as educating and creating quality information that both clients and visitors to the site can use and actually implement right away.  The problem with a site that is superficially selling you on services is that there is a higher possibility that there isn’t that innate desire to disseminate that great, helpful information both internally and externally.  It could be an indication of a lot of things actually:

  • They want clients/prospects to be less informed so they will push them to go with a company to handle their internet marketing.
  • The company isn’t in tune with the most recent trends in search engines and internet marketing
  • A general indifference towards being more than a lead generating website

What you’ll notice about sites that don’t inform (where information is in the form of articles, downloadable PDFs, blogs, etc.) is that often times they just aren’t as personable.  Notice these websites that don’t really speak to you, and you’ll realize that they may not hold your business interests in high regard.

On the flip side, there are some beneficial approaches to doing an informative approach, such as presenting yourself as an expert on the field and in turn getting the interest of high quality potential clients.  Informative content can simply conclude with a strong CTA and accomplish a lot more than just being aggressive with conversion and CTAs. Contact us to learn more!