Written by Market My Market’s content team, with contributions from Kelly Quintana, Ryan Klein, Brandi Bellingham, Anastasiya Kalyuk, and Kianny Jimenez

Behind every successful business is a set of well-planned and strategically-implemented marketing blueprints designed to attract new clients and retain old ones. As such, a good marketing strategy aims to improve the growth of a business. Content marketing, in particular, is one of the most utilized marketing constructs used today because it’s been proven to deliver results. 

In the legal realm, content marketing focuses on what customers need from your firm. In other words, a well-designed content marketing strategy highlights your firm’s services and the demand potential clients have for those offerings. Likewise, content marketing strengthens the relationship with current clients by establishing you and your firm as a voice of authority in your area of law.

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Contributed by Kelly Quintana, Content Writer

Clients Are Looking to Law Firms to Be an Authority

When potential clients research law firms, they will generally be reading pages on the firm’s website that pertain solely to their legal issue, such as the about page, attorney bio, home page, and perhaps a few testimonials and case studies. Through these pages, law firms are able to communicate their extensive experience in a particular practice area while walking the potential client through why they’re the best fit to navigate the legal issue.

It’s important to keep in mind that a website is a marketing tool, and therefore the content on your site is marketing copy. There should be a balance between establishing yourself as an authority while also being able to provide clear messaging, avoiding “talking down” to your potential client, or even intimidating them. Your content, especially on main practice area pages, should speak at the level your average client would appreciate and understand. Tempering the complexity of copy may seem counterintuitive for an educated lawyer, but it serves as a best practice across the board. This is why it is generally more effective for a non-lawyer with a strong background in legal copywriting to provide copy for websites and other digital assets. 

Contributed by Ryan Klein, Managing Partner

Why Localization Should Be a Key Focus in Legal Content

Localization is the wide-ranging process of revising a product or service to appeal to consumers in a specific target market. The internet has blurred physical boundaries between states and foreign lands, easing consumer access to products, information, and services all over the world. With this globalization of the markets, businesses are now facing new opportunities and challenges.

Although there has never been a better time for law firms to widen their geographical radius, marketing your services to prospective clients in other cities and states can be more complicated than you might think. Providing relevant, exclusive, and custom content for local markets is surprisingly complex, and customers’ expectations are higher than ever before.

Whether you are looking to market your legal services to potential clients in new cities or markets in different states, adapting your web content to meet the needs of the local culture is essential. Be sure to tailor your content for the specific area you are targeting, and do not forget to review your site’s written copy, images, and videos to ensure any references made are locally relevant, including those referring to:

  • Local or state laws
  • Geographical locations
  • Weather
  • Local culture
  • Tourist destinations
  • Lawmakers
  • Demographics
  • Roadways

If you are planning to launch into a new market, localize your web content on day one. Otherwise, there is a chance you will miss out on conversion opportunities because your content could not engage with the local audience properly. By adjusting your content for the local market, you will be better set up to drive success from the start.

Contributed by Brandi Bellingham, Content Writer

Is it Difficult to Get Legal Content Ranked?

While it may not necessarily be difficult to get legal content ranked on search engines, you need to consider specific strategies that bolster your rankings amongst the competition. Introducing high-quality content to your clients not only keeps them on your website but also encourages them to engage with it. Specifically, Google is monitoring whether your website visitors are visiting just one page on your website or are interacting with it in more than one way. 

The length of your content and the keywords you choose to include also impact your rankings on search engines. Landing pages and blog posts must contain at least 500 to 1,000 words, depending on the specific topic. This shows Google how much information you have on a particular subject. 

Keywords may also support your efforts to rank higher. For blog posts, you want to have one primary keyword phrase in mind for each post. From that one focused keyword phrase, you might have additional secondary keyword phrases. Keeping these phrases in mind will help drive the clients and visitors to your site while moving you higher in the rankings. 

While there is no concrete formulaic approach, considering specific strategies to target your ideal client through your legal content will organically increase your rankings and hook Google’s attention when placing you in search results. 

Contributed by Anastasiya Kalyuk, Content Writer

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Contributed by Kianny Jimenez, Content Writer