If you are reading this, then you either (or are probably) realizing that internet marketing is becoming essential to your business survival in this day and age.  With commerce continuing to immensely shift online, and your competitors upping their game in that respect, you understand that this is a move that has to be done to not online take back your market share, but also dominate and solidify yourself in that position.  If you know little or nothing about SEO, SEM, PPC and all other online methods of branding your business and generating leads, this may be an intimidating move that might not be able to warrant your constant attention and self-study.  This is where you decide that you need an internet marketing company to step in and assist with this endeavor.

When looking for a great internet marketing company, it might be just as difficult finding the right one as learning internet marketing altogether.  This guide was created to give small business owners the simple yet powerful information to assist in making a good decision.  There are literally THOUSANDS of unscrupulous internet marketing companies out there because of the explosion in SEO and its universal, unequivocal necessity for businesses.  They are literally all shapes and sizes, providing all different services. Some are small, some are huge, some only handle organic search, some only pay per click.  Some will help with your local listings, and others will just work on your link building.  Regardless, this guide has 20 SOLID things to consider, as well as questions to ask, that will certainly weed out a large majority of companies that are not a right fit for you.

Getting this guide shows your interest and concern for having internet marketing that will work and provide a return on investment you can be happy about.  It is our intention to make sure that your interest is met by relevant, helpful content that will put you on the right path. We will start with 5 things to look for when initially seeking an internet marketing company, followed by 5 questions to ask them once you found one you believe could be a good partner for your business.

Getting good studies and seeing the results for companies in the same industry or space can be beneficial too in knowing if the company understands the nuances and approaches necessary to having a successful and rewarding campaign.