At the end of the day, content is going to be the biggest factor for getting your website found online. You may hear of plenty of terms like social signals, link building, on-site optimization, and plenty of other terms SEO experts are putting together that particular week; though these are all part of the puzzle, the big picture is always going to be quality content that captures the audience that you’re ideally seeking.

There are many different mediums for content to exist in, but all of them require the same elements:

  • Doing keyword research to see what people are actually looking for
  • Providing VERY engaging content to keep them on the page, or coming back altogether
  • Effective call to actions to lead the to the next part of the marketing funnel you’ve constructed

The most popular methods of create content are as follows:

  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Case Studies
  • Testimonials
  • White Papers
  • Blogs
  • Website Pages

Each have their own ideal lengths, writing styles, syndications, website placements, and overall purposes.  Strategizing with an SEO expert can help greatly in building a fruitful content strategy!
The most important thing to keep in mind is that every piece of content you generate and place on your site is like a hook being cast into the internet – if the page is of particular interest, is optimized well, and has a strong call to action, you can consider the page to be one more potential lead generator for the overall marketing hub that is your website.