Today, it’s more important than ever for law firms to stay connected to their clients and their needs. Your firm’s website homepage is a crucial tool for providing engaging and accurate information and for presenting the best possible face for your firm.

Your homepage will either invite readers to fully engage in your website, or it will drive them away. Take some time to consider whether there is anything on your homepage that could be pushing your potential clients away. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating your company’s homepage.

Make Your Message Easy to Understand

Websites are designed to be reviewed quickly, which is why it’s important that your homepage is easy to read at a glance. The design should be streamlined, so nothing distracts from your key brand messages. More than anything else, your potential clients need to know what kind of services you offer and where your office is located. Avoid distracting graphics or texts that take away from these key messages.

Make It Simple for Readers to Engage with Your Site

The homepage on your website should invite viewers to explore the rest of your website and learn more about your services. The site should be easy to view on a mobile smartphone, as that is how many people will find it online. Navigating through the site should be as simple as possible, and it should be very clear how to contact your firm. Avoiding these steps could result in lost business.

Is Your Homepage Driving Traffic Away?

The information on your site should support your legal firm and its brand image. Be cautious about offering links to outside sites, even if they have a positive review for your firm. You may be sending a potential client to a site over which you have no control. Keep readers engaged with information on your site alone if possible.

Remember, your homepage is your best chance of engaging a potential client. Keep the design simple and the content interesting. For more information on how you can optimize your law firm’s website, contact the legal marketing experts at Market My Market for a free consultation.