When it comes to marketing your law firm, there are numerous options to consider. It’s buyer beware: not all of the popular methods of marketing yield returns. One form of marketing that is growing in popularity is live chat – but is it a good option for your firm?

No doubt you’ve navigated a website in which a live chat icon popped up in the corner. Maybe you were curious, or perhaps you even used it to gather more information. Numerous industries are employing live chat as a successful marketing tactic, as well as an excellent way to service their potential clients. It’s tempting to try out a new method, especially when others have used it to yield fantastic results. However, before jumping into anything, it’s essential to access how exactly it would help your particular firm.

Here’s some information to consider before employing live chat features on your law firm’s website.

How Does Live Chat Work?

Live chat offers your website visitors an immediate opportunity to communicate with someone representing your firm. In today’s world of instant gratification, it is critical that you provide your visitors the ability to contact your firm quickly and efficiently. This is where live chat stands out. Instead of submitting an inquiry and waiting hours for a response, live chat allows visitors to acquire the information they need immediately. While this can often be a convenience, some visitors may see it as an annoying intrusion into their web-browsing experience.

Live chat can help you convert more visitors into clients. If appropriately managed, live chat can increase visitor satisfaction. Consider adding 24/7 live chat to your website so visitors won’t have to wait, even if they browse your site during off-hours. Accurately monitoring agents’ conversations is necessary, so that you can address any issues before they become glaring problems.

Engaging with your visitors can also boost conversions, and live chat is a great way to do that. After your agents have interacted with site visitors, you can follow up promptly. The follow up is critical if you want to keep potential clients from slipping through the cracks.

What Users Don’t Like About Live Chat Features

Some website visitors find live chat icons annoying and may navigate away from sites with pop-ups. While a “how can we help you?” pop-up expresses concern and a willingness to assist, it can be a distraction when users are trying to navigate your website. Instead of implementing a glaring pop-up in the center of the page, consider using a smaller icon that is less obtrusive. You should also keep in mind that older generations are less likely to communicate via live chat so if that is your target audience, pop-ups may be less effective.

Live Chat May Not Provide Enough Substantial Value

Many live chats are operated by employees who have no knowledge of your law firm. When visitors are seeking further information on your site, most chat employees will only be capable of passing along visitor information so that someone at your firm can follow up. For the visitor, live chat may seem more personal, but the actual value it provides may be questionable.

As a whole, live chat is worth considering if you want to maximize user experience on your website. To determine its real value, however, you must review your target audience, current conversion rate, and what your firm’s goals are. It can indeed be a useful tool when implemented in the right situations, but individual results will vary.

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