Instagram recently released an update that allows users to upload multiple photos and videos at once. This is a huge shock for the app’s 600 million users. When it first launched in 2010, Instagram came with many restrictions. Only one image could be featured per post, and there were just a few filters to choose from. Users learned to work around these limitations and got more creative with their posts. As Instagram continues to grow, it aims to provide more flexibility to encourage user retention. Although having more options brings immediate benefits, one has to wonder what it can imply for Instagram’s greater purpose? If you are a business that uses social media for your digital marketing plan, how does Instagram’s new update and growth affect you?

How the New Instagram Update Works

Before this update, users often posted multiple photos at once using a collage format. One often had to build the collection using clunky third-party software. Shrinking the images often lead to sacrificing picture quality. The new update allows swiping through images from left-to-right, like a carousel, and any comments, shares, and likes apply to the one post. This can also be done with any videos captured through Instagram. For anyone who uses the app to only look at photos, this means they don’t have to keep scrolling down and loading new posts – which can slow their phone down.

How a Business Owner Can Take Advantage of the Instagram Update

Depending on your line of work and your business goals, this new update can be a great way to interact with new and old customers through social media. If you run a clothing store, you can show off multiple new products at once. If you are the owner of a Crossfit Gym, you can share multiple photos of a single session in one post. You can also use the photos as a type of “quiz”, where you can demonstrate some items or products you may have for sale soon, and your customers can vote on what interests them the most by commenting.

Where Is Instagram Going?

As Instagram expands, the lines between this social platform and others may start to blur. Instagram already incorporates hashtags and features an explore tag like Twitter. It also makes use of friend interactions in similar ways to Facebook. While this can be great for user retention – especially if users want the updates – it is fair to wonder what this will mean in the long run. Would you be better off sharing photos on a larger social media platform like Facebook or Twitter – both of which now have similar photo sharing features?

Developing a solid social media strategy depends on your business’s specialties and marketing goals. When it comes to digital marketing, no two strategies are alike! Contact us at Market My Market for a free consultation regarding your business’s digital marketing efforts.