How to Approaching Getting Law Firm Reviews

Every six months, we gauge the average person’s perception of how important reviews are for them when deciding on a product or service.  In addition to that, we inquire about how many reviews the average business should maintain to appear as legitimate, along with what their minimum review rating (0.0-5.0) should be.  These numbers always remain relatively consistent, without any glaring spikes or aberrations, but all that does as well is show why a Review Generation campaign should be solidified in any marketing mix.

How Important Are Reviews

Minimum Law Firm Review Rating 

This may seem like an arbitrary number since it isn’t exactly pegged to anything relative, but being there’s been a slow incremental increase perceived over the past year, a 7 could be considered “very important,” and this is corroborated by all of the other studies that we conduct that confirms the central focus of consumer research is reviews on mostly Google and Yelp, and then more industry-specific websites and sources as well.

Minimum Review Rating

The minimum review rating also made its way back up to where it started, at around a 3.9 out of 5.  We still believe a 4.2 should be a good milestone, and long-term securing a 4.6 would be ideal as well.  Most respondents have said that the gap between a 3.8 and a 4.2 is much larger than the gap between a 4.6 and a 5.0 since consumers don’t expect perfection from an aggregate review.  There is a negative outlook that does come with a business rating starting with a “3” though, especially with so many businesses accomplishing 4.5 and above for their ratings nowadays.

Minimum Number Of Reviews

What I found interesting about the minimum amount of reviews is that the average respondent still mentioned that around 20 was satisfactory – from more conversations I’ve had in the past several months, it seemed like this number was going to trend more up to 25-30.  While I did include several outliers that said 400-500 reviews was appropriate (which to me is obviously somewhat ridiculous), I also included the outliers on the other side of the spectrum which said 0-2 reviews was enough which is equally ridiculous.  If I remove any perceivable outliers (those that said < 4 reviews and > 100 reviews were necessary to decide about a lawyer), we have a weighted average now of 17.6 reviews, which doesn’t support where I thought the trend was going.

Recap of Making Law Firm Review Generation a Part of Your Marketing Mix

We have developed plenty of articles and guides over the past 2 years that have addressed the importance, processes, and best practices for effective review generation.

Check out some of them:

Protecting Your Law Firms Brand

Have you ever wondered what referrals and word of mouth prospects are doing before they call you? If you’ve ever had someone tell you they’re sending a referral your way but you never hear from them, there’s a good chance they did some research on you first. Find out how keeping your brand airtight online through different channels can have a bigger impact on your law firm than you realize.

Handling Negative Law Firm Reviews

While we can’t control negative reviews for our business on Google, keep in mind that a few negative reviews over time, while annoying, won’t hurt you long term if you understand there are ways to effectively handle them.

Boost Your Law Firms Brand Online

There way ways you can improve your SERP rankings and build confidence in your firm’s brand, starting with having your firm’s name on reputable directories and third-party review sites as an active and authoritative member of the legal community.  Here are some off-site SEO tactics for improving search engine optimization and placing your firm’s name in front of a wider online audience.

How Do People Prefer to Receive Law Firm Review Requests?

If you were going to send out a request for a review, do you think people would prefer to receive it by email or text? It’s a tricky question, but since reviews are becoming more important in 2019, we wanted to get to the bottom of what it takes to get clients to leave a review.

The Importance of Five-Star Law Firm Reviews

Having stellar reviews is crucial to a business’s success, and it’s obvious that businesses getting 5-star reviews are generating more leads and dominating their markets thanks to those reviews. Here are the top 7 main ways that businesses with great reviews are beating their competition every day.

Why Most Companies Fail at Getting Five-Star Law Firm Reviews

Quality Review Generation is increasingly important because our own research indicates that consumers find reviews to be extremely important, for several reasons. Here are the 10 reasons why most companies fail at getting 5 star reviews – and what they can do to change that.

Legal Marketing Workshop on Generating Law Firm Reviews

If you want to get a better handle on how to generate 5-star lawyer reviews, you’re on the right track, since that increases your likelihood of being featured on Google maps and increases online visibility on SERPs as well. So we decided to solidify what we know about this subject and educate everyone on 5-star review generation on sites like Google, Facebook, Avvo and many more.

Are People Reading Law Firm Reviews Before Contacting Lawyers? 

Reviews do a lot for your firm: they impact your online visibility, reputation management, and your SEO. So we did some digging to discover how people find lawyers, including determining whether people take lawyer reviews seriously. Here’s what we found.

Should Generating Law Firm Reviews Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Granted, you’ve spent a lot of time developing a great website and developing creative ad campaigns, but it’s also important to go the next step and nurture customer reviews. That’s going to improve your company’s online reputation much better than any other sources. To demonstrate this point, we polled 250 people on a survey website on several questions, including how important attorney reviews are before selecting services.

Let Us Help You Boost your Law Frim Reviews Average

If you’re not getting enough reviews or you’re just not sure how to get 5-star attorney reviews from your best clients, our team of digital marketing experts can implement review generation strategies that make it easy to reach out to past clients who were happy with your work.

Our goal is to help you stand out from your competition by strengthening your online credibility, and generating law firm reviews is just one of many options. Learn more about our review generation service by contacting us for a free consultation.

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Update 10/14/20

As the year progresses, more and more attorneys have trouble getting consistent law firm reviews for their law firms, especially when people are overly critical about the professional services that they are seeking.  It is important to be proactive, and have a plan in place for getting attorney reviews at the very least, going into 2021.