When there’s a lot going on, it is hard to stay organized.  As a digital marketing agency, most of our work, correspondence, reporting, and organization occurs on our computers, if not almost entirely online/in the cloud.  We’re not perfect when it comes to staying on top of everything, but we’re getting there thanks to the following tools:

Basecamp (Project Management)

Basecamp, in my experience, has become almost the “definitive” starter type of Project Management software.  Big, sensible interface with a very low learning curve, I found that Basecamp was pretty good if you had > 10 projects. With to-do lists, wiki-style web documents, file sharing, and more, Basecamp is a great all in one service for the typical small business.

Asana (Project Management)

Asana is a project management tool that allows users to plan and manage projects without the use of e-mail. By replacing e-mail messages with work spaces, users can have the notes, comments, attachments and details of each project located in a single work space. By removing the back and forth of emails, Asana allows users to save on project time.

Raven Tools (Reporting)

Raven Tools is a marketing reporting program that provides interactive reports on various website issues in SEO. With program features such as storage of marketing research data for unlimited reports, and integration of data sources like Google Analytics, Raven Tools cuts down on the time and hassle of running marketing reports.

Dash This (Reporting)

Another reporting software, DashThis, gives agencies and marketers an efficient way to display marketing results with organized data reports. Specializing in periodic, rolling, and campaign reports, DashThis offers a simplified platform to present leads, revenue, and conversions to clients.

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