Once you’ve put together top-notch content on your site, it’s crucial to then build authority, understand CRO, and turn qualified traffic into clients. Here are a few steps that will help take your copy to the next level.

Build Authority on the Page-Level, Not Just Domain-Level

Content is not going to rank well on its own. Although this concept is related almost exclusively to SEO and not technically Content Marketing, it cannot be stressed enough. Your content will not rank well on its own even if your domain is considered highly authoritative.

The SEMRush tool depicting both the authority score of the root domain and the authority score of a specific page.



There is a reason for the above statement. When performing link building, not only should you send the links to the root (example.com), but you should also send them to interior pages (example.com/interior). Since your homepage is not going to rank for every keyword you are going for, you have many other pages on the website to cover those keywords. Those pages also need links sent directly to their URL in order to be competitive.

If you have done everything you can for a page to rank well and still find yourself lagging behind competition, having a handful of links sent to your website on the page-level could make all the difference.

Understanding CRO and Turning Qualified Traffic into Clients 

CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization, is a highly overlooked component of digital marketing.  SEOs are often at fault for the oversight. SEOs focus so heavily on driving traffic to the website, with a focus on the traffic being qualified, and they fail to take extra steps to ensure that the traffic turns into calls and form submissions.

A screenshot from Google Analytics depicting the conversion rate optimization (CRO) for different categories.

There are many reasons why someone may get to the page they are looking for and never contact you. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • The website does not load quickly, and the consumer is impatient.
  • The website does not render well on desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Some functionality, such as an aggressive chatbot, is intrusive, or something does not function at all. For example, a form or click-to-call feature could be broken.
  • The content is drab, has no hook, is overly generic, does not connect with the reader, or has a typo or grammatical error.
  • The content does not inform visitors of your services, or does not include a better way for them to engage with you, such as an audio or visual option.

CRO is reserved normally for paid traffic and landing pages, where a failure to convert traffic results in skyrocketing Cost-Per-Acquisition. Often, CRO is not considered for SEO. 

CRO itself can be covered in its own guide, and we go more in-depth on this topic in the article linked below. Here are the biggest considerations and actions you can take in regard to CRO improvements on your website:

  • Looking at analytics will let you know what pages are generating traffic and are converting at low rates. This will give you a breakdown of what pages need CRO improvements. CRO improvements may be appropriate sitewide or for individual pages.
  • Adding a video at the topic of a high-traffic website may have a drastic impact on conversion. Videos engage your ideal client and confirm that your firm handles the legal issue they are currently dealing with, and they offer a strong call to action.
  • Strong CRO also helps with aspects of SEO. When a search result does not provide a good user experience, users will hop off of the website to which they were directed. This shows Google that the website is not worthy of a high spot in positioning. Strong CRO could change this.

You can learn more about CRO in the following article.

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