It may be something eating away at the back of your head: “Did I hire the right web designer?” Choosing a quality web designer can be difficult when you don’t know what makes for a good- or bad- designer. Fortunately, web design has been around long enough to be able to identify some key flaws that may suggest the guy (or gal) you hired isn’t right for you.

He Wants To Be Creative (While Sacrificing Functionality)

A beautiful website should not be your web designer’s top priority. While you do want a good looking website, the primary purpose of running one is to attract potential business online. A functional website should make it easy for potential customers or clients to find exactly what they need. When they don’t know how to contact you thanks to an awkward interface that sacrifices usability for flair, they’re more likely to go to a competitor with a dull but user friendly website. Prioritize user satisfaction with clearly organized content.

He Doesn’t Ask Questions

Before your web designer starts working on your site, he should be asking you plenty of questions. Most of the discussion should revolve around your target audience, your company, and your competitors. Not knowing this information means your hired hand doesn’t know who you are and what your customers want, which makes hiring him a riskier dice roll than necessary. Some questions your designer should ask you include:

“Who Makes Up Your Target Audience?”

“Do You Already Have a Content Writer?”

“What Are Your Website’s Main Goals?”

“Is Any of Your Marketing Offline?”

“Will You Provide Any Assets?” (Videos, Photos, Writing, etc.)

He Doesn’t Have a Conversion Strategy

If you are building a website for your business, you are most likely doing it to convert customers. An online customer conversion can mean making an e-commerce purchase, clicking a button to contact your company, signing up for a newsletter, and more. When you don’t know what a conversion is for your website, then you have difficulty tracking how the domain makes money in the first place.

He Has No Copywriting Plan

One of the biggest challenges a business owner faces is keeping their website SEO updated with new content. Any good web designer will warn you that this will be the case before getting started and can offer plans to prevent a copywriting rut. Some solutions include the business owner having her own copywriter on staff, or the web designer offering a copywriter. While some business owners elect to write the content themselves, many are caught off guard by how much time it takes out of their already busy schedules.

He Has No Strategy for Site Architecture

Any good house needs a solid blueprint before you lay down the first brick. The same goes for a website. Your designer should provide you with a map on how your site will look like, sending you mock-ups and example images to give you an idea of what they can do to make your website more appealing. Avoiding a game plan can waste more time than it saves. Don’t wait a week for a web designer to finish your website, only for you to find out it looks like nothing what you expected.

Replacing your web designer may sound like too much trouble, especially if it is someone you personally like. However, continuing to do business with a web designer who is unsuccessful at the finer points of web development can cost you more in the long run. Before you hire a new web designer, always make sure you can view their portfolio and can have a meaningful, open conversation with them about your business. At Market My Market, we’d be happy to show you what we have done for past clients for a variety of companies both big and small. If you have any questions about how we can help design a website for your company’s digital marketing effort, contact us for a free evaluation.